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long day(s)

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:39pm
Thank goodness for schedules and the motivating power of putting on the running clothes. Otherwise I'm not sure I would have done anything but come home and sleep today. Wednesday I had the "wonderful" perk of my job - delays in Newark for no darn reason other than it's Newark. Awesome. So my 5:26 PM flight was delayed nearly 3 1/2 hours before they realized "the plane was no good". The had another plane but it wasn't arriving until 9:50 PM. Mind you I had a day trip Thursday to hotlanta and my flight was scheduled to leave at 6:18 AM. So to make an already long story a little shorter I didn't land until 11:45 PM and walked into my condo at 12:35 AM. I was able to pull off a stellar 3 1/2 hours of sleep before my 4:05 AM wake-up call. Suh-weet.

My site was cool with my deliriousness today so that was good. I caught an earlier flight home that actually arrived relatively on time. Still with the earlier flight it ended up being a 12 hour day! The whole day, when I wasn't sleeping or working, I was thinking about the running schedule and how I could possibly make up 11 miles if I didn't run today. There was no way I could. I came home checked some e-mail I hadn't checked in what felt like a week but wasn't and slowly changed into running gear. It helps I had just spent a crapload amount of money at and had some new fun stuff to take for a spin. Plus I had my 3rd pair of WRIGHTSOCKS to try. (I promise that review on the 3 single layer socks I tried this week). Well the power of the new gear took over and I headed out to see how far I could make it before the exhaustion took over. I promised myself to take it easier than usual and if it didn't click today I would turn around. The legs felt like cinder blocks the first mile or so and I contemplated turning home but then it started to fall into place. I made it the full 11 miles! Then I came home showered, got dressed, and did something I've never done in Chicago... I went to dinner by MYSELF :) I do it all the time while on the road but have never done it in my own city. It was a nice little evening at my favorite Indian restaurant.

I have to say I'm very proud of myself today! Normally I would have come home changed into my "fat pants" (aka pj's) and curled into bed with the computer. I feel so much better that I didn't! Now it's time for some much needed and deserved sleep!
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