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Listening to your Body

Posted Feb 10 2012 11:22am


I am not the best at practising what I preach. Especially when it comes to running.  I find it easy telling others to take days off, or ease back if they feel an injury coming on, but doing it myself? Most times I’ll just run through it and usually wind up injured. Again. On Wednesday, I posted this on my Dailymile account:



I believe that not listening to what my body is telling me is a huge part of the reason why my short 1.5 years of running has been plagued with injuries. There have been so many times when I have chosen to run, even though I knew I shouldn’t because it would make things worse, and have then had to take a lot of time off and spent all my savings on trips to the physio. Not fun.


At the end of the day, it comes down to this: can you sacrifice a few days of training to let a growing problem heal, or will you run through the problem and potentially end up being sidelined for weeks or even months? This was the first time I have EVER chosen to rest a potential injury instead of trying to run through it, and it totally paid off.


I was prepared to take off yesterday as well if I needed it, but my IT band felt 100% fine throughout my run! Obviously, it may not have gotten any worse if I had run on it previously, but on Tuesday and Wednesday it was bothering me just walking on it, so I’m pretty sure a 7 miler wouldn’t have done it any good! Smile with tongue out


It was so worth it for this:



The weather was crazy…I loved it!!




I want to pay tribute to my beloved Saucony spikes. Not only did they keep me upright and somehow prevent me from face planting onto the snowy track, but they surprisingly kept my feet dry!



As soon as I got home, I refuelled and warmed up with hot chocolate. Even though I was wearing gloves during the session, my fingers were frozen!


Chocolate soy milk warmed up with chocolate chips melted in Smile


Have you ever run through pain or injury? Too many times. Ibuprofen allowed me to pretend I wasn’t! It just made things worse though and that time I ended up having to take a two months fully off running in the end.


What are the craziest conditions you’ve ever run in? The snow yesterday was pretty mad! Not sure though if it beats the time we trained in what can only be described as a monsoon….


Are you a hot chocolate fan? What is your favourite addition? I only recently rediscovered hot chocolate! I wasn’t a huge fan before! Now I love adding chocolate chips and mini vegan marshmallows:)


Have an amazing Friday and weekend! <3

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