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Light Week

Posted Feb 10 2013 3:16am

At first I was a little bummed about my mileage this week after last week’s crazy runs but you know what? Not every week has to be some crazy record-breaking amazing number. I had to take a day off and I stuck to my coach’s word even though I didn’t necessarily want to or feel the need to.

Sun- OFF (90 minutes yoga)

Mon- 8.3 miles easy plus form drills, weights, and abs

Tues- 8.5 miles speed day.

Main set:

3x (600, 600, 400) followed by a 400 at the end. All at pace. Not only was I ON pace, I was UNDER pace the entire time for my goal pace, not my current pace. I left feeling high on life, essentially.

Wed- 6.2 miles. Usually a cross-training day but I’m typically allowed to run because my knees can’t handle the elliptical. My teammate and I didn’t have a plan as to where we wanted to go so we set off and ended up in a big circle and had to climb the hill we had laughed about not having to run. Oh well…

this made me giggle

this made me giggle

Thurs- 8 miles speed day

Main set:

1600 @ 6:24
800 @ 3:09 (supposed to be 3:12)
2×400 @ 92 (supposed to be 1:36)
4×200 @ 43 (supposed to be 48… seeing a trend?)

Fri- 4.7 miles shakeout with one of my teammates who I don’t usually get to run with. We pretty much just ranted about life at school and it was really nice, albeit cold and rainy! Thank you Nemo for not ravaging the mid-atlantic too.

Sat- 9.5 miles (including a 3000m race. Recap to come tomorrow)

Total- 45miles

Not a bad week, overall. I had some really great runs this week, especially on those training days when I thought it wouldn’t happen and I’m really proud of them.

Note: All distances are estimations. I do not wear a garmin and I do not know how far I go. I can guage how fast I’m going based on my effort levels with others and I know how long I run for, so I can estimate how far I’ve run based off those factors.

What did your training week look like?

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