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life is beachy keen, isn’t it?

Posted Mar 23 2013 12:50pm

life is good sunset blog

Life is good over here in the Beachy Keen house.

Last night Chris sold his dirt bike (yay!) and that means he gets to start his boat project. He’s been planning to build a boat for YEARS, but we’ve never been in a place where we could just throw a whole bunch of cash at this project. Not that we have a whole bunch of cash to throw at it now, but we recently paid off all of our credit cards, so that has allowed us some extra freedom. Chris  does some odd jobs here & there + the money he got from selling his bike will allow him to get a good chunk of the boat done with very little money coming out of our pocket. (phew!)

I’m making up my “honey-do” list for Chris before he gets too deep into this project – he’ll be down in the garage for the next 6 months only coming up to eat, sleep & work.

boat build 2 pic

The current state of my garage… or, I should say, Chris’ garage! Remember, we live in a stilt-ish home, so our entire downstairs is garage  + my gym – the entrance for that is near the ol’ Ford…. which, at this rate, is never leaving the garage.. but hey, as long as my car gets to stay inside, I don’t care what Chris does with the rest of his man cave. Poor new Ford has to live outside now.. and maybe for the rest of time.  Not sure if the boat & truck will fit in the garage.

If, for some reason, you are interested in the boat Chris is building, you can check out the plans & some pictures of the boat here . The website is, and they have plans for various kinds of boats along with forums so the builders can ask questions and talk with each other. It’s really kind of neat. There are quite a few builders in our area, and we have seen a few of the boats around the boat ramps.


We are headed to Dade City in a little while to watch the Dirt bike / 4-wheeler races, that should be excitingly scary! Those guys are crazy!

JCharles ride

picture taken by my mom, Susan Northcutt Photography  /// That’s my brother-in-law, Jeremy. He’s racing tonight.

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