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Life Goes On

Posted Oct 15 2012 4:29pm

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This picture cracks me up. Yesterday, a squirrel broke into my bird food container and decided to have a picnic. Hailey (the dog I’ve not yet officially introduced you to) has a major fascination with squirrels. In fact, she is perfectly happy to hang out in the yard for literally HOURS, chasing squirrels from one tree to the next and sitting at the base of a tree holding them hostage. But squirrels, for being stupid rodents, are pretty smart cookies. They have figured out that glass prevents dogs (and humans) from causing them any harm. They also are well aware that leashes only reach so far. Anyway, I have to hide my bird food container, because the little fart is eating me out of house and home.

I cannot even believe that I woke up sore this morning after my seven miles of walking yesterday. I mean, honestly! I walk at least four miles pretty much every single day AND I lift weights, so there is no good reason for my legs to hurt–well, aside from the normal pain. I really cannot wait to see the doctor on Thursday. It’s sad when the highlight of your week is being poked and prodded by a health care professional. Such is the life of a wanna-be athlete, I suppose.

As I suspected would be the case, the weather is much nicer today than it was yesterday. I don’t understand why every race day has to be cold and windy. Even The Glow Run was miserable, and it was in AUGUST! There has got to be a conspiracy! When I first started running, I set my sights on a half marathon which is scheduled for October 28th. I am going to be paying extra close attention to the weather that day. If it turns out to be nice, then I will assume that ‘mother nature’ just has it out for me. Although, to be fair, the day of the Apple Jack Run turned out to be lovely, but it started out very cold, too.

Since I’m still not running, I’ve been trying to occupy myself with reading running and other healthy related articles. I figure by the time it’s safe for me to lace up my shoes and go, I’ll know everything there is to know about running and be an old pro! I’ve also caught up on laundry, vacuumed my carpets, and made an effort to keep my kitchen clean. I’m thinking about attempting to modify my vegetarian ‘meat’ loaf recipe to make ‘meatballs’ for spaghetti. Dan has been expressing an interest in going vegetarian. I know! I almost fainted, too. He’s always been a pretty staunch believer that men need meat, but the more I read snippets from articles to him about the health benefits of being a vegetarian, the more he seems to cave. He’s already about 90% vegetarian by default, anyway, so he might as well just jump in with both feet.

Dan is going out of town on Wednesday for a few days, so I plan to use that time to get the carpets cleaned and do some other deep cleaning. It’s hard to clean during the day because he works from home, and in the evening, I’m not the least bit interested in cleaning house, so Wednesday through Friday will afford me plenty of time to get lots done. Hmmmm, let’s see…run, or do housework…

I am hoping and praying for good news on Thursday!

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