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Lets take the Jeep to a trail!

Posted Jul 25 2012 10:05pm

Tom has been investing in the Mighty YJ again. He (we) are into the money pit for another $1200. This is the second trip we’ve accomplished since it was re licensed.It did involve taking it to an automotive shop. They had a hard time troubleshooting it. After the last back country trip, he had taken it to the Credit Union, and it would not start. We towed it back home that night.Tom took his time and was able to determine that the wiring harness was faulting. He re-wired it and we’ve had little trouble since. That is, until yesterday afternoon.We chose to run trails above the Central City area. We started in Idaho Springs and took the ‘Oh My Gawd’ road over the hill and into Central City. The Central City/Blackhawk towns are sites of casinos in Colorado, so there is a lot of traffic. Until you get up the hill anyway. Then, it is still busy, but with a different kind of driver. These drivers are the type that have to be reminded to “Keep the rubber side down.” It really does not involve much in the way of obstacles, though. Just rock covered trails with enough rocks, large enough to keep your driving interest.

Sleeper House 07222012

On our way, we saw the house used in the Woody Allen movie, Sleeper.”

It did that for us. I let Tom drive while I took photos and movies.

IMG_0791 mod

The Mighty YJ (most of the time anyway)

Most of the trail run was fun and interesting. We were having a ball!

TMYJ On the trail 07222012

We’re on Trail 175.1 (Mine Road)

We got to the base of a challenging hill referred to locally as, “Yankee Hill.” There was a thunderstorm brewing, but we thought we had enough time to make one good run at it. No more than that as it was becoming an electrical storm. Tom wondered out loud if he should turn the Jeep off. I influenced him to as I got out to set up the GoPro camera on the bumper. I got back in after I started it. The jeep would start, but hesitantly and it would not run for any period of time. It started to sprinkle. We had to use the Jeep to motivate us as far as we could go at any one time. The first half mile was uphill. Tom put the Jeep in gear and basically used the starter to motivate us up to the crown of the hill. It was a drain on the system, but it is a fortified double battery system and it can do it. It did do it. The downhill run was mostly a coast. Keep in mind that it was a coast down a jeep trail. We did well until the front passenger tire planted itself up against a tall, solid rock. We were able to get over it using the starter/battery system again. The Jeep crawled over the rock. Of course, the back tire lined up to the same rock and stopped us again. Crank, crank, up and over again.Eventually, we made it to a neighborhood road. Rough still, but much easier than the trail. We parked the Jeep at the side of the road. We had to. The storm had let loose with rain, lightning, thunder and then the hail came! Sami was with us, but the jeep is a learning situation for a dog. With every trip she gets better at riding in the jeep, so she was loving the break we were taking. We looked down at the two lane blacktop highway below us. It looked like it was covered in snow, literally looking like Christmas in July. We were not of the best moods to adequately enjoy it, though…As the storm tapered a bit, Tom tried starting the Jeep again. It fired up! We did not pass go, We did not collect $200. We just beat feet to get home. No problems on the way or since. Tom took the Jeep to the credit union this morning with no problems.It might be the ECM (Base computer –  Electronic Control Module).Oh well, you only live once, and it was an adventure! 

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