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Let it snow (for now)

Posted Jan 27 2011 12:46pm

Yesterday Baltimore finally caught up to the rest of the east coast as far as winter weather goes, or at least tried to a bit. It’s been bitter cold and, at times, quite windy and miserable. We’ve even had some snow here and there over the past month or so, but nothing that really stuck and nothing that was real significant. The I woke up yesterday. It was snowing/freezing raining all morning, enough to have Baltimore City cancel public schools. Score, day off. I had planned on getting to the gym and getting a workout in that included some miles on the treadmill. Except those plans never happened because I got involved in organizing and cleaning the entire apartment and before I knew it, I had to pick up Jess from work. It was right around this time that the snow started again. At first, it was just freezing rain again, but the weather reports said it would shortly turn to heavy snow, something like 2″ per hour. I wanted to get to the gym ASAP but Jess was the voice of reason and awared me to the fact that while we might be able to get there, getting home an hour and a half or so later would be a different story.

So no gym. But I still wanted to run. Every minute the weather was getting worse. Time to go outside and play in the snow. It’s obvious how stir crazy I’ve been that I was actually excited to go out in possibly the worst conditions we’ve had all year. I decided to put on the Cascadias (my trail shoes) and head to Patterson Park. I wasn’t worrying about a route. I’d just run around on the snow and get somewhere between 3 and 4 miles. The wind was whipping like mad out of the north so while it was only about 30 degrees, it felt MUCH colder and stung. The precipitation was some mix between big fluffy flakes and hard ice crystals, and with the wind whipping them into my face, it stung. As the right side of my face began to go numb I remembered why I generally don’t shave at all during the winter months, whoops. The ground was a total mess. Streets, side walks, in the park, it was all covered to varying depths with slushy, frigid, snow/ice. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t see another runner (but I did see a few dog walkers who gave me the expected “WTF” look). I looped around the park, going wherever I felt, slipping and sliding a bit but never taking a tumble. It was cool to lay down tracks that had no company.

About 33 minutes later I was back at the apartment, my face was beginning to thaw, I hung the wet stuff (and it was ALL wet stuff) up to dry, and stretched and iced my sore parts. By all accounts it was a lot of fun, though definitely not something I’d like to do more than a handful of times. I’ll be taking today to get PT and some cross-training and hopefully by this weekend, there will be a stretch of the NCR that’s clear enough to do a “long run” on. And maybe I’ll actually go to work tomorrow.

Til next time, RUN HAPPY everyone!

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