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Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

Posted Mar 07 2013 9:10am

let'spretend Jenny Lawson I’ve been a big fan of Jenny Lawson, known on the internet as the Bloggess ,  since I read her hilarious blog post about buying a big metal chicken named Beyonce to get back at her husband for telling her not to buy anymore towels. It sounds exactly like something I’d do so I decided she was my internet bestie (she follows me on Twitter…which is the world’s strongest indicator of friendship) and started reading her blog all the time.

I was so happy when she published a book and I could read more stories about her life.   Let’s Pretend This Never Happened is a hilarious, mostly true, look at Jenny’s life – from her childhood in rural Texas with her eccentric taxidermist father (sure, she has other family members but the stories about her dad bringing home weird animals are so laugh-out-loud funny that they’re really what stand out), to the stories about her time in HR (and all the photos she received of guy’s junk), to the stories about meeting and dating her husband (the story where he proposed caused me to need to lay down and curl up in a ball to stop laughing).  To balance out the funnies the book also includes stories about Jenny’s struggles with depression and anxiety. These give the reader more of feeling that she’s a real person and not some strange comedic elf who lives in a bizarre bubble of weirdness and taxidermied mice dressed like Shakespeare.

So is this book for you? I’d strongly caution against picking up a copy of this book if you’re offended by cursing (lots of f-bombs), a bit of drug talk, or you have a hard time with sarcasm and hyperbole.  I read a lot of the reviews on Amazon and GoodReads and the biggest complaints are “so much swearing! This is tasteless!” and “this book reads like it’s a blog!”  Duh on both counts, since it’s really easy to get a feel for Jenny’s writing style by reading her blog, but if you’re on the fence and really can’t handle any of those things perhaps it’s not for you.  As for me… I’ll leave you with this picture of me and my favorite ever Christmas cookie –  yes, that is a rooster decorated like Beyonce.

beyonce the chicken cookie

knock knock…

Disclosure: BlogHer send me a complimentary copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and I am being compensated for this review. The BlogHer Book Club is currently sponsored and supplied by Penguin Group USA and its subsidiaries. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by BlogHer, Penguin, or any third party.

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