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Learning the hard way…

Posted Sep 10 2011 12:24am

Workout Wanda: A lonely mile on the treadmill at 9:37 and NROLFW 1.B.1


Well, my body is telling me that half marathon training is in full swing. After a few speedy runs that I am super proud of I noticed that my right shin was feeling a little tight. No shin splints or anything major, just a little more discomfort that I’d like. So today I took casual Friday very literally.

100_5051[1] 100_5048[1]

Hey there lumpy leg! Is that an ice pack in your pants or… Okay, nevermind. Today really was a day of jeans, skater shoes, compression sleeves and ice packs. It is all about taking preventative measures! Although I can’t decide if I’m sad or happy about digging out the compression sleeves…

100_5053[1] 100_5054[1]
Sad because my shins are being dumb…
Happy because I’m back into training!

I was supposed to get up and run this morning but just wiggling my toes under the warm, welcoming covers made my shin tingle so I opted to stay in bed. After wearing sleeves all day and ice packing twice at work I attempted a treadmill run tonight – no pain, no tightness…just boredom! I also pumped out NROLFW 1.B.1, strictly from memory because I brought my 1.A.1 card. Oops. Obviously I have started out Stage 1 a few too many times…


My work day was boring…very boring…compared to Chris’s gallivanting around the foothills. Today he headed out to the Buffalo Creek mountain biking trails to go exploring on his own and learn the hard way why the process of training is so important!

…flaunting the monstrous 29” tires!

He has been pushing to cover longer distances and I have been hesitant – I don’t want to hate myself after nearly dying miles away from the car/food/bathroom/etc. I’ve been there on runs, it sucks. I would much rather build my way up to a 20-30 mile rides…Chris isn’t quite so patient.

Do you see the lizard?!

He got a little ambitious today and headed out to explore some new {to us} trails around the Buffalo Creek area. I think he was aiming for about 18-20 miles of riding – twice was we are used to covering. Instead he managed to cover 25 miles with some intense climbs…

Check out that last climb…Chris said is darn near killed him!

He exceeded his goal…but the glory was short lived. By the time he got back to the car he was experiencing the dreadful feeling of “oh crap, I should have quit sooner!”. Chris made it home just shortly before I did but when I walked in the house I knew right away Chris wasn’t feeling {or looking!} too hot!

Chris took this picture because he knew I would have grumbled the entire time I pushed my bike over these roots! How very thoughtful of him!

The weather was pretty sunny but not hot, more fall-like. On his three and a half hour ride Chris sucked down 72 ounces of water, as much as he could carry with him. Even so I think he managed to get seriously dehydrated. That combined with the extensive miles made for a suffering Chris.


He is currently flopped out on the couch with ice packs on his aching kneecaps watching The Office…again! He says his head is throbbing, his stomach is rolling and his body just hurts. I am practically dumping water and Gatorade down his throat while trying to sweet talk him into eating something, anything!


Basically Chris is experiencing the joy that comes after getting a little too confident and going out with a crazy ambitious plan. After experiencing muscle spasms, puking up gummy worms and hobbling around the house I think he has learned {the hard way} just how important training is. Runners and riders a like put hours into building their miles for a reason…jumping in with no base {or even a much smaller base} seriously sucks!

Fortunately he is doing much better than when he first got home, although I’m sure he will be feeling this ride tomorrow…and the next day…and the next day… Now that he is feeling better I don’t feel quite so guilty for snickering at him for learning the hard way. I mean I do feel a little bit guilty but maybe now he will listen when I suggest building our way up to 25+ mile rides!


Any suggestions on building up miles on a bike? Is it anything like running?

PS…There are still a few hours to get into the BondiBand giveaway ! I’ll be drawing winners tomorrow, any comment made by 12am Mountain Time is entered!

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