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Learning Hummingbird and Side Crow at O2 Yoga followed by and another 5 mile long run

Posted Jan 14 2013 6:11am

Yesterday morning I headed to another O2 Yoga intermediate class with Devon.  She always makes it a challenge-there are inversion and arm balances galore!  Two of the more challenging poses she had us work on were peacock pose (Mayurasana) and hummingbird pose.  I couldn’t get fully into peacock pose but I was really close to getting hummingbird but then my leg kicked out and I lost balance.  I practiced at home and was able to hold it for a split second!

Hummingbird Pose

I was also was able to get into side crow with eagle legs.  I’m really starting to get addicted to arm balances!

Side Crow with Eagle Legs

After the class Devon and I headed over to  3 Little Figs . I grabbed an iced Americano and she grabbed some food to refuel.  I wanted to indulge in a nice pastry or treat but I decided to be a good yogi and eat some lunch at home. Dave and I had just gone food shopping and I wanted to try to save money.  We spent a lot more than we usually do on groceries, but I’m hoping because I bought more snacks and food that I will want to eat, that I won’t buy food out as much.  While we were in 3 Little Figs, I felt like Devon was a celebrity.  Everyone in there was complementing her on her class or saying hello.

Once I got home from class, I stuck with my plan.   Last weekend  I did my first 5 mile long run and I wanted to do another one this weekend.  I downed a Gu (it’s been more than 7 months since I’ve had one!) and headed out.  My hips felt no pain and I kept my pace steady.  My cardio fitness felt like it was still there, so I finished with a smile on my face.

January 13th 5 Miles

I’m crossing my fingers that this means I might be on a good path for the Foxboro 10 miler !   I have another barre class tonight at another studio that I have a deal for.  I hope it is as good as my experiences at and Pure Barre !


What is your favorite type of pastry?

I’m a sucker for sticky buns…

How do you save money while grocery shopping?

We are bad at this.  But I sometimes try to make a few meals that have similar ingredients so that I can buy more bulk versus variety which can be a little cheaper sometimes.  One of our next goals is to use up some of the food in our freezer!  That thing is stuffed!

What is your next race?

Either the Foxboro 10 miler or the 5k!  I’m hoping the 10 miler!!



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