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Lazy A$$

Posted Aug 13 2009 7:54pm
I did something bad yesterday.

I took a day off from training.

For no real good reason other than "I was tired." and "I was not inspired". I mean, I wasn't even THAT tired. I have no excuses.
I ditched a work out.
What did I do instead?
I went home and cooked and ate and cooked and ate and ate and ate until I couldn't breathe. haha.

Oh well. Today is a new day.

At least I busted out 7.25 miles on Tuesday, which I was able to do at my goal-ish pace. It was the longest run I had ever done alone without an iPod. And guess what? I didn't really miss it at all! I had so many thoughts and emotions to keep me company that I didn't feel lonely one bit.

I spent the run thinking about how many miles I had left to go. I also thought about how I would describe the run on the blog, and actually had a lot of good ideas that I no longer remember, now that I am actually writing. This happens to me all the time. I'll think of some clever thing to say on a run, but by the time I'm finished, I've forgotten all about it. Stupid brain!

I finished the run strong, in about the same time it's taking me to run 6 miles, so I was very pleased with my pace. I am really hoping to beat my PR for the 10K this Sunday. Not gonna lie, I'll be quite disappointed if I am slower. If I can beat it by even 10 seconds I will be a happy camper.

On Tuesday night, James and I got all ready for the Gregory Isaacs concert. I even put on make up, did my hair AND put on a dress! A real flippin dress! But alas, the concert was cancelled when we got there. Not wanting to waste a perfectly good outfit, we continued our date night at a nearby restaurant/bar. I got a coconut mojito and a futuristic dessert:
what Is that?
That, my friends is a flan on fire. The server lit a shot of brandy on fire and poured it over the flan. And yes. I got drunk off half a cocktail and a burning dessert. I'm telling you; SUCH A GRANNIE.

This dessert, the container of ice cream James and I polished after we got home, and the fact that my pants are even tighter still has got me thinking it's time for another nutrition reassessment. I think my problem is snacking too much. I've been making myself snack more, even when not hungry/full, because I am worried of not getting enough calories. But I think this can stop/be reduced, becasue obviously, if I'm still gaining, I'm in no worries of coming up short. I also need to cut back on the sweets yet again. I have been allowing myself A LOT more junky food this past two weeks cause I have been feeling kinda sad (like, about the interview and such) But gosh darn it, it's been two weeks already, so I have no more excuses to continue this behavior. With only 4.5 more weeks till I leave for Hawai'i, I really need to jump back onto the healthy bandwagon. Wish me luck, and please feel free to smack me across the face and tell me to stop eating that third waffle for dessert! Oh, and feel free to leave advice as well :)

I hope everyone is having a pleasant almost-Friday. I really hope to catch up with everyone's blogs in the next couple of days. I have not had time to read/leave comments, and I am having withdrawals! I need my bloggy-blog fix! :) haha.

Happy running!

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