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Launch into Marathon Week at the Lounge

Posted Jan 26 2009 3:51pm

...A quickupdate on the Runners’ LoungeBook Project.

In the next few weeks, we invite you to draft and finalize your articles.

As you may recall, the original intent of this project is collaboration.  Soon those contributing to the book project will also be making some decisions about the book title, art and design, and the charity to which the proceeds will be donated. 

So here’s a little action required on your part:  Please provide us a heads up about your interest in submitting an article. 

If you’ve already said so in the forums, great! 

If you’ve sent us an email about your interest—and some of you have already submitted your article—even better. 

Most importantly, if you’re still planning to contribute—even if you haven’t figured out what you’re going to write—just slip us a note at so we can hold a place for your article and include your input and feedback about the project’s upcoming decisions.  Just send to

This week at Runners’Lounge, we’re focusing on the marathon

Why in January are we focusing on the marathon?  Isn’t fall the peak marathon season?  Maybe, but did you know during the months of February, March, and April there are more than 100 marathons in the U.S. and more than 60 internationally?  So there must be a whole lotta marathon training going on.

What could we possibly write about?

  • Training plans —those special formulas of mileage, long runs, speedwork, recovery, and tapering that work, didn’t work, and what we’re going to try next
  • Selecting a marathon —which ones do we recommend; new destinations and old time favorites
  • New marathon goals —they don’t always have to be about time
  • New marathon strategy —what are you going to try different this year
  • Mental barriers —what we need to overcome or break through
  • Advice —tips for first-time marathoners and timeless reminders for all of us
  • Inspiration —what gets us through the training, set backs, to the start line and across the finish line
  • Encouragement ---by going public with our marathon plans, we open up to the support of others
  • Questions --until the last marathon on earth is run, there will always be questions about the marathon.  What questions do we want to throw out for discussion?

It seems most marathoners are interested in talking about their past and upcoming races.  And our  supportive nature makes us equally interested in others' marathon experiences too.

BTW, don' t be fooled thinking the importance of this coming Sunday is merely a football game.  More importantly, it' s opening of registration for the Chicago Marathon --my favorite event of the racing year!

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