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Last Long Training Run of the Season! Done and done.

Posted Oct 23 2010 12:00am
I ran my final 13-miler today and I'll be honest with you: it was rough. I generally felt lethargic (didn't sleep well last night), like my legs were made of lead. Essentially the same way Megan described feeling yesterday: like having been hit by a truck.

But since I wasn't actually feeling ill, I pulled through. I ran from my apartment, across the QB, through the Upper East Side, up Central Park East, two loops around the reservoir, and then finished going all the way around CP. When I landed back at the southeast corner of Central Park, I slowed down a tad and jogged over to the 59th Street/Lexington Avenue subway station (remembered my MetroCard this time!) and headed home.

I'd never been so happy to see Katie Couric's blown-up face at 5th Ave. and 59th Street as I was this morning. The end was near!

Whenever I finish a rather long training run, I usually feel pretty zonked, like I could use an afternoon nap no matter how much sleep I might have gotten the night before. And while I think this actually is pretty normal, I know I could stand to be getting more shut-eye these days. So I'm going to make a conscious effort to be in bed and under the covers eight hours before I'm supposed to be up for an early morning run now that I'm officially two weeks away from The Big Day .

Even though I'm officially done with the crazy-long runs, I've still got some exciting events on the running agenda-- for starters, the Poland Spring 5-Mile Marathon Kickoff with Shannon on Halloween! I ran this one in 44:02 last year and am shooting for a PR between 40 and 44 minutes.

And thennnnn, the following week, I'm doing a pre-marathon three mile fun run and pep talk with marathon Olympians Ryan Hall and Deena Kastor. I covered this event for Footwear Plus last year and the wonderful folks at Asics invited me back again. Deena was slated to run NYC this year, too, but for some reason, she's slacking off and bailing on us . ;-)

  (Maybe the ASICS peeps will read the blog and send me some shoes! A girl can dream.) 
Meantime, I've got many blog topics to cover (The taper! The fact that Boston registration closed in less than a day! The playlist!) and so little time! Here's hoping I'll manage to fit it all in. :)
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