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Last long ride and swim before I become a Pumpkin(wo)man!

Posted Sep 07 2011 6:41am

This Monday I got up fairly early, 5:40 AM, for a long ride. I ate some oatmeal with blueberries, chia seeds and craisons. In addition to having 2 Gu’s on hand, I taped a Luna bar to my bike. I wanted to practice fueling, since I’ve been bad and haven’t done this really for my other long rides. This didn’t work out so well. I should have opened the wrapper before taping it. I had to awkwardly bike slowly and unwrap the Lunar bar. I think for my race I am going to break it apart into pieces and put it into a zip lock bag.

This ride went well, but definitely was full of roadkill! There was a dead chipmunk on the bike path. I didn’t know how it got there…until I almost killed a squirrel! I was riding and the squirrel did the thing that animals do when they run around like crazy because they don’t know which way to actually go to avoid getting hit. It got too close to my bike…I felt the tail rub up against my foot. I yelped and I am pretty sure that the tail almost got caught in the gears! I would have been devastated if I had a squirrel caught in my gears!

After I got off the path, I went to loop Mystic Lake…5 times…I know I’m a boring rider. I kind of like repetitive rides or runs because I can really zone out since I learn the terrain. Once I get more comfortable on the bike I might venture off by myself alone, but I still am hesitant to ride solo on a new route. On my first loop, I saw some smooshed (no…not Jersey Shore smooshed…haha) animal on the road. I yelped and quickly avoided it. You would think I would know where it was each time I looped that area…nope. It surprised me each time! I didn’t mind…it added some excitement to my ride?

43.62 miles
Avg 15.1 mph

But that’s not the end of my road kill stories! This morning I biked to the gym to swim. It was pretty dark and a small animal ran out into my wheel an then yelped slowly away. I screamed when this happened. If anyone were nearby they may have thought that someone was getting really hurt! I was a little disturbed and felt bad for the animal, but I continued on my way to the gym for my final swim before the tri this weekend.

I swam for 1140 yards in 25:25 and didn’t get bored! I wanted to do more but have a lot to get done at work today and probably should taper a bit this week. :)

Though I wasn’t sure if I would or not…but I’m finally getting excited for my half Ironman this Sunday!! After my long run on Saturday I felt pretty nervous and actually kind of hoped for my race to be cancelled! But after my ride and swim, I felt a little more confident about Sunday. I don’t have to race as fast as I can. I just need to complete this sucker! I know that I will feel SO accomplished after this. Just to think that I tackled something that I never in my whole entire life thought I would! I am excited to become a half Iron(wo)man!

Do you get freaked out when you see roadkill?

Have you ever had a race you didn’t want to race and then felt great after?

What is something you’ve done that you never thought you would be able to do? (Doesn’t have to be fitness related!)

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