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Lame Week for Workouts

Posted Dec 16 2010 5:28pm

My ever so thoughtful boyfriend brought me flowers just because :)

DSC00781   DSC00783

DSC00784   DSC00785

He said everyone at the store thought he was in the dog house! (He wasn’t) He just knows that flowers are cheaper than a ring so he likes to keep me happy. Typical. Oh yes, and he brought me this:


He knows me too well. So well, he was worried I already had this issue. I didn’t. But someone at work did. Its fine.

I have been feeling unmotivated to workout this week for some reason, which is highly unusual for me. I’ve also been really busy getting ready for the holidays so I decided to roll with it and rest. I had my alarm set this morning to go to a 5:45 boot camp style class but work up to a text from the friend I was meeting so I went back to sleep :) I’m okay with it.

Workouts this week = Lame

Sunday: 10 Mile Race  
Monday: REST
Tuesday: REST
Wednesday: 3-mile birthday run w/ dad
Thursday: REST

Tomorrow I WILL do something good! A coworker actually approached me today and told me I look like I’m losing weight. (I am not trying to). Its funny because the less I run, the more weight I lose. When I run, I eat A LOT, especially carbs. When I run less, I spend more time at the gym building muscle and my metabolism goes up.I also crave more protein I guess its all about finding the proper balance.

Question: Do you notice changes in your body as your workouts change?

Back to Christmas gifts!

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