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Lady-date at Redline Fight Sports Kickboxing

Posted Jan 08 2013 6:08am

Aki and I decided that we didn’t get enough of working out with each other.  We went to  Jenn Phelan’s Saturday’s Pilates bootcamp and we decided to head to Redline Fight Sports for some kickboxing last night. My friends from my running club Kristina and Rachel joined too!

It was kind of exciting because when I walked in the owner Chris, the owner of Redline) recognized me, came over to say hi and even called me “Little Miss Runshine”!  He asked what class I was taking and told me a little bit about the instructor  Soap Am .  Soap recently had a fight that he had won that he had the odds against him.  Everyone loves an underdog-so I was excited to see what this class was going to be like.

In my conversation with Chris, I also learned a little about his background and how he is an architect who decided to follow his passion and open up Redline.  He would like to head back to the architecture world some day and-not going to lie-I was thinking it would be awesome if he ended up at my firm!

Anyway-about the class…this would be maybe my 3rd or so kickboxing conditioning class at Redline and it was just as good as the others.  Soap started us with a good warm up and stretch and moving into learning some of the basics of how to move and the jab and cross punch.  He called out people trying to incorporate the cross punch before he went over it.  He was really harping on the importance of form and learning how to do the move correctly.

It was difficult for me to get the correct form after my arms were on fire from punching the air!  Or as Soap called it…shadow punching.  Man-I didn’t know shadows could be so tough!  If you want to get rid of that jiggle under your arms-kickboxing and boxing are the classes to go to!  You also really work your core when you punch and kick.  OK-let’s just say it’s a full body workout!

It seemed like all the other ladies who came with me loved the class as well.  Kristina and Aki were both already scheming on when they could get to a “Fighter Fit” class.  We saw people doing the wheel barrel with other classmates and some other moves that were intriguing.  What Aki and Kristina didn’t see that I saw in other classes was that you actually carry your partner across the floor over your shoulder in some of the classes!  I have never been, but I HAVE to try this!  From talking with Chris, I heard that in some of the Fighter Fit classes you incorporate some TRX and kettlebells which have been workouts on my radar to try.

Kickboxing with CRC ladies and Aki

Before I left, Wahset said hi and asked where my boyfriend was.  He was my instructor when Dave and I went to try out the boxing class .  I told him Dave wimped out!  I also told Wahset how I must have remembered the boxing form from class because Soap said I was more in a boxing form versus kickboxing.  He called me out and said he read my blog and how I took boxing classes in college!  He was getting ready for a second class so we parted ways, but he said to be sure to come back.  I told him not to worry-I’ll be back!

I really recommend checking out Redline if you have a chance.  All the instructors, the people at the gym, and the owner, are incredibly welcoming and you feel like you can become part of their community.  Not going to lie-as I was punching the punching bag, I was thinking, “How cool would it be to be able to fight like them!  Maybe I’ll become a fighter!”  Then I realized that I might want to just stick with the classes for now and see how that goes!

After the class, Kristina, Rachel and I headed back to my place for dinner.  Dave was out at a concert with our friend Rob, so I decided to take advantage of this time to spend some quality time with some running ladies.  I haven’t done a ladies dinner in a long time because the times I would usually go are after tempo or hill workouts.  Obviously I haven’t been attending those workouts just yet so I tend to workout on my own time and then eat dinner at home with Dave.  Last night, the ladies and I made Chap Chae  and sipped on some white wine.  It was a nice way to end a Monday-I must say.  The girls and I are going to try to do some other workout/dinner dates in the future and I can’t wait!


Do you made dinner with your friends?

We usually meet up to go out to eat when we catch up. I would make food with my running ladies after the workouts, but like I said, I haven’t been going to those because of my hips! I think as a part of my goal of saving money, making dinner with my friends more often will be a new thing to do!

Have you found a gym or a studio that you love so much because it has a great community?

I like some of the studios I go to, but I haven’t found one yet that I feel like I am truly a part of yet.  I already feel SO welcomed by everyone in Redline!  I even was excited to see Danielle who had helped us sign in when we went with our friends Kurt and Kim and Jeovanny who taught that class .  I wanted to shout happy birthday to Jeovanny before I left but he was a little busy working out at the time!  I didn’t see Claire there but I think she teaches the women’s only kickboxing class on Sundays so I am going to check that out some Sunday!

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