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Ladies, Please Join Us to Become a Lean, Mean "Hundred Pushups" Queen!

Posted Jul 22 2008 8:21pm
I'd like to encourage more people to join us & participate in theHundred Pushupsprogram. Well, what are you waiting for?! 8-)

Now, I know an awful lot of guys who are doing this program, but we also need the ladies to adequately represent here, OK?! It seems that there are only a scant few ladies doing theHundred Pushupschallenge right now -- And among them are fellow runner-blogger, kch (i.e., Kristen) ofRun Faster, who is one of the brave ladies currently taking the challenge along with me & a few others.

Why so few ladies? What's up with this?! Surely, there've got to be some gutsy, strong women out there who're just chomping at the bit for the opportunity to step up to the plate & go for it?!

So whom else amongst the ladies has the courage & the feistiness to join us?! Where's your pluck & your steely, almost-supernatural resolve? Ladies, it'd certainly be nice to have more (female) company here. So, c'mon & join us!

To spark a fire (or perhaps I should say, "light a fire under some derrières" ;-) ) & generate some fun, motivational impetus to encourage other women to join, I'm starting the "I Am A Lean, Mean,Hundred PushupsQueen" club, (or the "Hundred PushupsQueens" for short).

Here's how it works: Ladies, after you sign up for theHundred Pushupschallenge, please email me or drop me a comment to let me know that you've joined theHundred Pushupschallenge participants list.

(Also, when you join, please don't forget to emailCymrusteve, so he can add your blog to his ever-growinglistofHundred Pushupsparticipants.)

Once I've gotten confirmation that you've committed to the program, I will add you & your blog to the eponymously-named link list on the front page of my blog. In fact, you'll even get top billing, at the upper left sidebar of my blog.

I'd like to see this group grow to be a hundred strong! So how about it?!

And ladies, please, let's not make excuses or shortchange ourselves by giving into the stereotypical, old-school notion that we ladies "just have to accept that our arms just aren't very (naturally) strong." That's someone else's label from another era, & those outmoded notions just don't hold any water anymore. Why let other people's expectations & perceptions of our bodies determine how we see ourselves? So there, take that & stuff it in your front shirt pocket! (And if you are in fact, actually doing theHundred Pushupsprogram, then that shirt pocket will be adjacent to some very well-toned arms! LOL.)

Speaking of which, if there are any ladies out there in the blogosphere who want to firm up their underarm muscles (& eliminate the dreaded "flabby underarm" syndrome which typically plagues so many women), let me tell you, pushups are a quick & highly effective way to do this!

Sure you could do kick-backs with free weights to achieve the same effect, but the really cool thing about doing pushups (instead) is that it doesn't just strength your triceps; it will also strength multiple muscle groups at once -- your triceps, pecs, abs, shoulder muscles, etc. It's like a fierce four-pronged attack! ;-) Just think of the amazing upper body definition you'll have after working your way through this program.....

Here are some other reasons to join: The triceps are a typically underused muscle for us ladies. Unless women are doing exercises specifically geared towards strengthening their triceps, chances are that this muscle group will typically be neglected. But of course, you can change all this, simply by doing pushups on a regular basis.

And guess what?! There'syet more impetusfor the ladies to join the program: As a woman, you'll be able to honestly say that you're most likely stronger than the average female. ;-)

Then you can do your bestHans & Franz SNL impersonation& say things like, "Ja, I break you in two, like tiny little twig." ;-)

Goodnight! (Er, that'd be good morning now.... ;-) )


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