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Kornheiser supports running over cyclists

Posted Mar 21 2010 2:30pm

I just finished listening to ESPN’s  Tony Kornheiser  rant and rave about cyclists. Unfortunately I am a few days behind on this controversy. Nonetheless, I have something to say. 

Here is a quote from the
Back Porch Fan House page : “Kornheiser was discussing the addition of bicycle lanes to some streets in Washington, D.C., when he said on ESPN Radio 980 that he despises bicyclists and supports drivers intentionally running into them.”  Listen to him. 

Kornheiser is ignorant …

1. He doesn’t know the law, like most motorists, and is called out by Bob Roll . Is it just a coincidence that Bob’s last name is Roll and he is  a former professional cyclist and television sports commentator?

2. He makes an irrelevant claim: ”And they  all, my God, with their water bottles in the back, and their stupid hats, and their shiny shorts, they’re the same kind of disgusting posers that in …” 

What does that have to do with new bike lanes and sharing the road? Sadly, Kornheiser isn’t alone in his thought process.  Every year cyclists’ are harassed, run of the road, and cursed at  by motorists. It happens to me at least three times each spring and into the summer. Lance Armstrong was found nothing funny about this situation.

Armstrong tweeted about how Kornheiser is an ” f-ing idiot.”  I agree and I let the management at ESPN know. I take satisfaction in knowing Lance Armstrong called Kornheiser out on his rude and ridiculous comments. Armstrong was polite and offered
some suggestions.
One such suggestion, we cyclists need to come together and be more proactive in our advocacy.

I am willing to step up to the plate and make a difference. Are you? How can we work together to make out roads safer?
If you don’t think its is important here in Cleveland, Ohio, think again.
I received an e-mail from HubBub , Chesterland, Ohio,  with the following comment:

“As you know, I [Diane Lees, I believe she is one of the owners of HubBub] spent almost an entire week in Washington, DC working with 725 others to let our legislators know how important cycling is to us and how much we want to see some bicycling/pedestrian  initiatives move forward in the next transportation bill.I’ve uploaded a new blog ( the stumbling blocks that have been thrown in front of us since Wednesday.  I urge you to call your legislators, especially if you live or work in the 14th Ohio Congressional District.  Steven LaTourette has suddenly turned against our initiatives in a nasty and vehement way.  You can get a glimpse of what happened at the following link:


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