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Kona Run race recap & review

Posted Jun 16 2013 9:21pm
This post is a week late, sorry! School is crazy busy as there's only a week and a half left. And, I was slightly upset with myself and needed the time to write a real post, not a ranty post.

I left you guys in the clutch after Bayshore (though if you are friends with me on any form of social media, you already know: I got a half PR - by 5 seconds). I ran that half just two weeks before Kona Run and I ran it feeling amazing the entire time. Sub-9 pace felt "easy" the whole time. I went out with zero goals and surprised myself. So, needless to say, I went into this race with some loose goals.

I ran the Kona 10 miler two years ago as my first "double digit" race and ran it in 1:30. I just ran a 1:27 10 miler at Cherry Blossom in April. So, my A goal was less than 1:27. B goal was to match 1:30. C goal was just to finish.

I got through packet pickup quickly on Friday night. It was so well organized with a giant board listing your name and bib number. I also got to chat with  Detroit Runner  for a few minutes.

I ate a good dinner and went to bed reasonably early. Then, I couldn't sleep. Normal for me. The race started at 7:30, so I met up with RunnerBro and Sis nice and early to head to the race
The course starts right on the horse race track (kind of cool, I think!) After you leave the track, you head out and up a "big" hill. It looks intimidating, but I honestly didn't think it was too bad. I felt good. The first two miles were glorious. At the 2.5 mark, I got to see one of the boys I nanny (the other was still asleep) and his dad. They were cheering me on and I stopped to give him a quick high-five (the boy, not his dad, haha). He looked somewhat confused as to why I was stopping then leaving, but it was still fun to see him nonetheless.  

By the time I hit the 5k mark, my legs felt like lead. The funny thing is, I was going more conservatively than I intended, just so I wouldn't die out and I still felt like I was dying. The course is hilly, but not crazy. However, it felt a million times heavier than I remembered. I tried to slow and just hang on, but ended up walking right before the 4 mile mark. Some guy running near me tried encourage me to keep going. I kind of smiled and pick it back up.  I ran again for about a quarter mile, then walked again. 
By mile 5, I took a gel and texted Ryan that I was dying. I got a little burst and ran again, maybe for a half mile. This continued on. I would run, walk, text Ryan. It was awful. I was angry at myself, mainly because I didn't hurt, I just couldn't get a pace that worked. No matter how fast or slow, it all just felt so so hard. 
Every time goal went out the window and I found myself walking way more than running. It definitely helped that the crowd support was good. The volunteers were excellent at cheering on runners and that motivated me to try to run. 
I was so glad to see the finish line in the park and actually ended the last mile at a good pace, but crossed the finish in 1:40 or a 10:00 minute mile. 10 minutes off my B goal. At the time, I was mad at myself. Mad that I walked so much. Mad that 10 minute miles felt hard, when two weeks earlier sub-9 felt easy peasy.  
It helped to get a cool-looking medal and a popsicle, though:
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