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Knowledge is Power

Posted Apr 05 2012 3:42pm

When I was growing up one thing that my mom always used to tell me was “Knowledge is Power”. I don’t think that I truly understood how true this statement was at that age. I got the general idea but as I get older this saying seems to have even more relevance in my life. This past weekend I was at a 3-day Fitness Conference put on by SCW . It was my first time attending this conference and I was super excited because it was actually close to home (normally I travel to Southern Cali). Considering that it was a smaller conference then what I am used to my expectations were not too high (bad assumption to make!). Needless to say I was blown away!!!


This conference was by far on of the best that I have attended in the last 3 years. The volunteers were awesome, all the presenters (minus one really bad one) were amazing and the about of knowledge I came away with is priceless. I was always taught to never judge a book by its cover and in this instance that was so beyond true. I left the conference feeling like a stronger, better and more educated trainer. My passion to help others was even stronger than ever before. I felt this “power” within me to reach out to those who want to make a healthy change in their lives or even those athlete that want to become stronger. In the back of my mind I immediately thought of my mom and her famous saying “Knowledge is Power”. Wow did I feel that power!!


I am super excited to share all the amazing knowledge that I received this last weekend. These topics include nutrition, max heart rate, how to become a stronger athlete and some killer workouts. What knowledge do you have that makes you feel stronger? If there is an area that you want to have more knowledge in then what are you waiting for?!?! As Nike says “Just Do It!”

Live. Move. Be Fit



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