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Karyn's Raw Detox: Days 7-10

Posted Mar 16 2013 8:10pm

This post is part of a series in which I am sharing my journey of Karyn's Raw Detox program. Read my other posts below
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Day 0
Days 1-2
Days 3-6

Days 7-10

Week 1 of detox was fine sticking to a vegan diet with some raw foods, but I'm having a much harder time sticking to a completely raw vegan diet since day 8. We've also added a few more supplements to the list and I'm honestly having a hard time keeping track. I had to go to work my first day raw, which was not exactly easy because I had to bring a huge bag full of my supplements, drinks, and other foods (pictured below). It took me like an hour in the morning to prepare everything!

In addition to the supplements taken in week 1, here are the additions
  • OxyKare - stabilized hydrogen peroxide taken with 32 oz of water; it balances yeast and provides energy and oxygen (who knew?) -- ironically, my only 32-oz cup is the one I have from a bar in college that I would drink huge screwdrivers out of during breakfast club (pictured below). Anyone that went to Purdue will appreciate this :)
  • Energy Soup - a recipe developed by Dr. Wigmore (the first raw food pioneer) that contains spinach, avocado, sprouts, Rejuvelac, dulse, and apples. It's a powerhouse of nutrients.
  • Active Flora - re-populates and promotes growth of beneficial bacteria in intestines
  • Coconut Oil - good for you inside and out! Can be used as moisturizer for your skin
  • Fresh Vegetable Juice - juicing vegetables makes them much easier to digest and fully benefit from all of the nutrients. Week 3 will involve only juicing so this is preparation! 
  • Enemas - I mentioned in my previous posts that this was coming. I will talk more about the enemas in my next post...get excited! Haha...

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