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Kalamazoo Packing Extravaganza

Posted May 06 2011 6:28pm
::music cuts into post::

"'Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane in a Ford Escape
Don't know I know when I'll be back again (on Monday)
Oh, babe, I hate love to go..."

Kalamazoo Marathon weekend officially starts... NOW!

In case you're catching up, here are a few background posts Signs of Life: Registering for Kalamazoo
Shin Splints Galore
Baby Steppin' the Speed Work
Great Odin's Raven Training Plan!
Thoughts on Kalamazoo

I spent the day answering questions from all of my awesome sophomores about the marathon (I had a countdown going on my whiteboard)
Mrs. A, how long is marathon?  What? 26 miles?  I won't even run 26 feet!
You're gonna run for how long?  Over hours?  You are crazy.
Can I run a marathon?  Yeah, I'm gonna run a marathon.  .2 miles every day 'til I'm done.

Sigh.  Teenagers.

After work, I rushed home to get my organization on and catch up with all of my  favorite running bloggers  in hopes of stealing some inspiration.

Then I packed. And packed. And packed.

Here's what I assembled for Race Day WeekendI love technology. iPod - Check.  Camera - Check. Mac for weekend blog updates - Check. Garmin - Check.

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