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Kaizen is My One Word for 2013

Posted Dec 27 2012 11:21am
Are you familiar with the Japanese word kaizen

Translated to English, it means improvement.... daily improvement actually.

It is pronounced KY zen.

I became familiar with the term many years ago, and prior to our moving onto the sailboat in 2002, I had a large poster with the single word hanging above my desk in my office.   Just seeing that word

inspired me to do a better job, to improve on my service delivery methods and times, and it drove me to make strides in my work related education as well.

These days, seeing and saying the word makes me feel energetic and motivated to do more in my workouts... run a bit longer, lift a bit heavier, add a few reps to my crunches. 
It also applies to my overall health and wellness... both physically and emotionally.   I am not sure why it evokes these sentiments in me, but the fact that it does, has led me to decide that this will be my mantra for 2013.      Do you you have motto or a mantra that will inspire and motivate you in 2013?
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