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Just the girls

Posted Jun 24 2013 1:10am

Another Monday, another week. I know a lot of people hate Mondays, but I actually feel pretty indifferent to them. Especially right now since my weekends are usually spent at the beach, just like every other day. My “weekend” is actually wed/thurs this week. Anyways, time to spread the marvelous for another week! Excuse the lack of pictures, I’ve been slacking lately… Not even a little bit sorry about it.

marvelous is… a day off today. The downside is that I’m knocked back to 4 days a week for awhile at the beach due to overstaffing but I’m looking forward to a day to get some things done at the boat.

marvelous is… my new toy. Who knew they made miniature ones that are small enough to keep on the boat!

marvelous is… running. I bet you didn’t see that one coming. Getting back into shape after so much time off has been hard but it has made me appreciate the fitness level I was at so much more and it’s providing more motivation to get back to where I was. It hurts and it’s hard but a little effort goes a long way.

marvelous is… a girls day in Boston. My parents didn’t come to RI this weekend but my mom had some things to bring me from home and I had Saturday off so we met and spent the day walking around the city. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. I even dressed as a real girl for the occasion. Really just to hide the compression sleeves I had on underneath, but we can pretend.

really though, it was just to hide the compression sleeves I had on underneath

marvelous is… movie nights on deck. I know I say everything is my favorite about living on the boat but I really love this part.


marvelous is… The OC. I watch friends with benefits on repeat a lot (i should be way more embarrassed than i am admitting that) but the OC is my go-to show when I’m feeling overwhelmed or just in need of some comfort. I mean, can you really go wrong with watching Seth Cohen? No, the right answer is you can’t. my true love.

marvelous is… a new job(s). I’m working as a lifeguard at a gym here and there to fill in the hours I’m not at the beach. AND my favorite family is coming back for a few weeks so I’ll be spending a lot of evenings at their house soon. I don’t care, I love it.

marvelous is… hanging out with Carrie today! I told you, we’re soulmates. I even convinced her to run the half with me in a few weeks without me even telling her. She just came to the decision i made for her on her own. We’re paddleboarding and eating today. Two of my favorite things.

marvelous is… perfect weather. After a shaky first week with rain, the beach has been prime for some sun action. It’s good for people watching too. Still no pictures of banana hammock, I’m trying but he’s a sneaky fella!


marvelous is… my first GIVEAWAY! It’s one of my 2 favorite running companies, so I’m super excited about it. Coming tomorrow :)

marvelous is… ice cream. I haven’t been eating enough of it this summer (read: only at my grandparent’s house) because I’m too lazy to get off the boat after 6 but it hits the spot every time i do have it.


How were your weekends?

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