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Just one of those days

Posted Nov 13 2012 6:49pm

Some days I think it’s best to go back to bed.


All three boys had an 8 am dentist appointment.  I had everyone feed, dressed, lunches packed and ready to go at 7:30.  Of course my keys decided to go MIA.  After 15 minutes of searching I finally found them made in my bed.  Yes, I set my keys on the bed while getting ready then made the bed on top of them.  We ended up being 1 minute late for the dentist.

Good news all three boys are cavity free!  Not one of them has had a cavity to date.  (Knock on Wood)  I guess all that Mommy nagging in the mornings paid off!

After the dentist we headed to Target to get the new Call of Duty: Black Ops II.  (Trey has been saving his birthday money since June for this game to come out.)  All three boys in tow we head to the back of the store, find a clerk to get the game and check out.  Well at least we tried, my debit card was in the car.  Back to the car we go!

Game purchased, boys back at school, house mostly picked up, laundry going; now it’s time for my 7.5 mile run.

My run did not go so well.  I’m still not sure what was going on.  My calves, ankles and stomach hurt.  I ended up running the 7.5 miles at an average pace of 9:12.  Definitely not one of my best runs.  I usually run this run at an 8 minute pace.  I guess not every run can be totally awesome!


This is one of my favorite bad run motivational quote!  We all have them.

How do you motivate yourself after a bad run?

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