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Just in : Brooks Glycerin 10s...and a whole lotta moaning!

Posted Jan 24 2013 2:39pm
I'm not gonna lie, the enthusiasm I had for the new year is quickly fading. Instead of being my organized, (wannabe) on-top-of-it-all self, the move, combined with this killer-work-project, have knocked the wind out of me. 

Case in point: Saturday is G's birthday and so far I've managed to get him a card. That's it. No friggin' gift. Nada. Nothing. Nix. Zilch. 

I've got so much on but it seems that instead of perfecting my juggling act (as I usually claim to be able to do), I'm failing miserably at it all. I still haven't uncovered in which box most of my clothes are (good thing I work from home at the moment!). House fail. I'm realizing that I completely underestimated this work project I've taken on and am seriously intimidated by the looming deadline. Work fail. The Brighton half marathon is only a few weeks away and, well... Training fail. Most of my friends have big stuff going on in their lives at the moment and I'm too busy working (and moaning!) to be there for them. Friend fail. And now lastly the wife fail. Seriously. Bleugh...

Already, enough moaning. While feeling rather blue on Tuesday, I allowed myself a brief break and finally ordered some new running kicks (N.B. I can manage to order myself running shoes yet can't think of a darn thing to get G as a present...). As I hadn't managed to make it to our (formerly) local running shop in Cambridge, I decided that I might as well rely on their expertise from last year and order the same pair of trainers I've been using, the Brooks Glycerin. I absolutely love this shoe and as I was assured by the sales guy in the Brighton Sweatshop that the 10s hadn't changed, other than the aesthetics, I figured I couldn't go wrong. Then I saw that they were meant to be 'diva-pink' and was sold instantly.

And look what arrived this morning:

Hello sexies!
My new kicks may not have cured my funk completely, but they did help to cheer me up a bit. By 3:30 I'd hit the proverbial wall, again, and decided that it was time for a head-clearing, shoe-breaking (in) run. I wrapped up warm and headed out. 

Ya know how we've been having snow? Well, the temperature said 2 degrees (Celsius that is!) when I headed out. So pretty darn close to freezing. Seeing a women, then, getting into the sea with nothing but a bathing suit on is totally normal, right? 

So, thanks to a 6-mile run that was neither super-fast nor super-slow, my head has cleared, my Glycerin 10s were broken-in-ish and I was ready to take on the world again, or go back to work. Well, that's where I'm still... just slaving away (or pretending to as, instead, I've chosen to write this incredibly self-indulgent and whiny post for your reading pleasure. You're welcome!).

9s vs. 10s face off!

What's your favorite motivational quote? I need some inspiration on all fronts.

Any last minute gift ideas for the hubs?
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