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Just another wordpress blog…or is it?

Posted Sep 28 2010 4:06pm

Well I gotta tell ya…it’s hard for me to stay on top of writing for this blog. I am not alone, I know. We have all seen (or experienced) it before in the blog world, haven’t we? The blogger launchers her site with visions of soaring web trends and a multitude of ping backs to her genius posts of insight… posting daily or at least several times a week, convinced that it’s only a matter of time before people are drawn to her site to read such amazing posts as “I sweat a lot, do you?” or “It was cold today,” or  “Running in the heat sucks.” Well, it doesn’t happen that way, does it? Readers may be initially drawn to a running blog because they are looking for a bit of inspiration before their 20-miler next weekend, but what’s going to keep them coming back? I have learned that it actually takes a little creativity and a lot of practice and hard work, not just writing skills, to produce a readable, INTERESTING blog that isn’t just a training log. There are some really good, creative, energetic blogs out there and I commend their authors (the ones I have listed on my right side bar are just a few). I mean, unless you are training for a marathon or race simultaneously with me, or you are one of my dear friends or relatives, do you really care how my 3-mile run today went?  Sometimes I might spice it up with some nice descriptions, but unless I see someone get murdered while I am running or an alien space ship, those weekly maintenance or trainng runs are just not too terribly exciting to write about…or to read about.

So I have been thinking…maybe I should expand my blog to include more than just running so when I don’t have much to say about running, I can write about something else. Maybe it could be a running/knitting blog. Hmmmm probably not a good idea. My one experience knitting involved a “scarf” for one of my daughters that ended up being a “hat” (I use the term “hat” loosely here). Or maybe I could write about running and stamp collecting or running and wood carving. Haha…no…uh…not that there’s anything wrong with stamp collecting or wood carving, mind you. I mean, what other hobbies do I have besides running? I love to cook, but loving to cook and being a good cook are two entirely different things–trust me, I know this to be true. I am a shitty photographer, as much as I like it. I LOVE music of all kinds and live in a house full of musicians, but outside of about 10 years of piano lessons many moons ago, I am far from gifted musically. My only other hobby besides running is…well…writing. It’s something that I really like to do. And yes I am working on some stuff outside of this very stale blog, but seriously, you really don’t want to see my creative works in progress–not yet anyway. Maybe one day, after I win the Nobel Prize in Literature or the Pulitzer, you will be interested in my little snippets of genius, but you must wait for that, my pretty. So if you are still reading this post (I imagine I lost one or two when I mentioned knitting), then I will have you know that I am newly committed to this thing. How? I have no idea. My genius (third time I used this word in this post…note to self: buy thesaurus) is simmering just below the surface. It’s there…waiting to jump out at ya….yep, any minute I will be creatively inspired. ….. ……

So I ran 3 miles today and it was awesome.

Come back to see me soon.

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