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Just a note to all Twin Peaks 20 ...

Posted May 22 2009 10:46pm

Just a note to all Twin Peaks 2008 runners - I will no longer be processing any refunds, race or runner transfers.  For 2009 the policy is the same.  It's written in the entry form.  Most people know I made every effort to hold Twin Peaks 2008 despite the fire.  I found a date that would work, sadly 10 months from the original date, but I didn't want to cancel the race.  Initially I was processing refunds (and processed numerous ones).  Then a few got missed and I'm the bad person.   People can get pretty testy about their $60. 

Yes, I'll admit to dropping the ball on a couple refunds that got lost in the shuffle.  If you want to call that bad customer service, then I'm guilty of that.    I also will admit that if someone was rude in their request I also put them on the bottom of the pile.  I'm only human, I make mistakes.  Geesh people, get over it.  No one but other RDs know what kind of work goes into these events and sadly there are a number of thankless runners in any event.  I should never have promised any type of refunds or transfers in the first place because you miss one with the wrong person and you're in for it.

I really enjoyed putting on Twin Peaks in 2007 and have been looking forward to 2008 (and 2009) for too long.   Can't I (or at least all the runners) just enjoy the race and move on?

Remember when putting on a race used to be fun?


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