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Jump Jump

Posted Jul 14 2009 11:16pm

Is anybody else feeling the heat?! Working in the mountains is so nice it’s cool and breezy, but once down the hill the 100 degree weather kicks in, but at lease I don’t have the Memphis humidity!

Today’s lunch was the same as yesterdays, no need for pics. I did have quite a bit of fruit today(that never made it to my camera), watermelon, peach, an apple, and apricots! I just love summer fruits and just can’t get enough of them. On the way home from work today I was dreading my evening workout session with Jillian. The weather just turns my soul off to working out.

Some how I managed to get one sweaty living room workout in!! This book is seriously kicking my butt big time!!! I have never been more challenged, (well maybe a little in marathon training).

Have you ever tried a scorpion push up?

1 006

1 005

Or how about a knee tuck jump?!

1 022

1 023

1 021  

Hubby wanted to try too!

1 028

1 029

1 026

After our HARDCORE workout I cooked some smoked turkey sausage with brown rice and a green bean medley.

1 038

I added a little BBQ sauce to the mix, simple and delicious! 

1 040

Ok gotta run, we have a show to catch!!!

Question: What is the hardest/most challenging workout you have ever done??

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