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Juicing Update

Posted Jan 20 2012 12:09pm
Fit in the Body....

Two weeks ago I wrote this post .  And since I am a woman of my word, I am checking back in with an update on my "Juicing".

To be honest, I didn't replace every lunch with a juice.  Sometimes it wasn't convenient and sometimes I just needed some crunch to my lunch.  But I would have to say that I had a juice about 4 days out of the week.

My energy level in the afternoon was good.  I didn't feel light headed, and a couple days I did a run and felt fine.  I also didn't get that afternoon sluggish feeling.

Well, I am happy to report that I have lost 1.5 pounds in two weeks.  I think that is a very healthy weight loss.  Now the question remains....Is is because of the Juicing? Or....

1. The increase in my running (4 miles as of late, 10 minute miles)
2. The increase of healthy eating in general (Have really cut out carbs and am eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies for dinner.
3. All the blogging I have been doing lately!!!  Keeping my fingers moving across the keyboards is quite a workout!!

All in all I like the idea of getting a ton of vegetables and fruits in a drink.  It also tastes really good.  The only downside is the color.  Sometimes the thought of drinking something that green can be a real put off.

Have a Juice Today!!


Do you Juice?

What is your favorite blend of fruits and veggies?Spinach,strawberries, banana, milk, ice and a tbs of flax seed.
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