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Juice Fast Day #9 Hardest Day Yet!

Posted Jan 04 2013 6:11pm
Well, today is Day 9- and it has been horrible!! I feel the same as I do every day. I'm not hungry and feel as energetic as always. But the craving to eat has been overwhelming! I don't know why today should be any different than any other day, but it is!

  Also for the first time I am doubting myself. Doubting that I can really do this for 21 days. Maybe I bit off more than I can chew (haha). Maybe I should've started out at 10 days, or something more attainable. 

  What I want to do is just add in whole grains, nuts and beans. No meat, dairy or sugar. (I guess like the Vegan diet) I want to do that for the remaining 12 days. I might love that so much, that I permanently eat that way. I would love that!! 
 Oh, I would have to fit icecream/froyo in there somehow. ;)

But, I'm so torn. I've already said 21 days. Would I be a failure if I quit early? How many people would say "I told you so". What if it starts getting easier tomorrow, and I quit a day too early?

That's everything that's going through my mind right now.
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