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Posted Dec 12 2012 12:55pm

On Sunday, our family will be doing the Advent Reading and lighting the Advent Candle at Bethany Covenant Church. Actually, Conor (age 11), will be doing the reading. I sort of  read over the words that he will be reading, last night, but didn't  truly read them until this morning.
We have lit the first two candles--one for hope, and one for peace. Today we light the third candle, the candle of joy. This should be the easy one, because joy is all around us, in the children, the lights, the music, the gathering together. But how often do we let our preparations, or our memories, push joy to the side? Joy is like an underground spring that wells up within us....but joy is also a choice, an attitude, like a muscle, it needs to be exercised. Today we open ourselves to joy...trusting that God has already planted it in us. All we need to do is give it care, and offer it to share.

Ray and I have committed to exercising our bodies more often, by joining the gym. I also have my running, and Ray gets a lot of exercise while playing drums.This, however is was a good reminder that there are other important things that we need to exercise! In today's world, I think sometimes we worry so much about all of the things going on around us, that we forget that it's not only OKAY to be joyful, but that we are INSTRUCTED by GOD to be JOYFUL, and to SHARE THE JOY!!

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