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Join a running club!

Posted Mar 19 2011 9:39pm

I got some great comments on my post about how I have friends on if you like to run alone or with friends.  ”To be honest” (that was for you Maia), I have my times I like to run alone and my times I want to be with friends.  Some people asked about my club, so I’m going to talk about why joining a club is a great idea!

Yesterday, I met a potential new member, Sara, so I felt it was a great time for me to discuss why she and you should join a club!  Sara was running with my group and I talked to her a bit.  I learned she works at a hospital that my company does work for.  What a small world!  I also learned that she ran the farthest she’s ever run while running with us.  Her dad is a cross country coach and she is just trying to get into running.  I always get really excited when people are just getting into running.  I hope to get them addicted like I am! :)

So here we go…


  1. Run talk! We talk about races to run, how to fix injuries, how to improve, pretty much anything and everything running!
  2. Track workouts. Clubs have track workouts where you work on speed and your fast twitch muscles.
  3. Hosted long runs. Members of the club take turns hosting long runs on the weekends.  The host plans a run and provides a map for all the runners.  Gatorade and water are strategically along the planned course so you don’t have to bring your own water!  (Though, I always wear my hydration belt anyways because it is my security blanket!)  Because each host is located in a different location, you have a new course every weekend!  After the run, the host serves BREAKFAST!!!
  4. Club marathon. My club has a marathon per season that they have as the club marathon.  They make sure there are supported long runs (20 milers) that coincide with the marathon training.  By supported, I mean that there are volunteers to make sure there is enough water and no water gets stolen!  It’s like our own mini marathon!
  5. New friends! Of course you have your run talk, but you also talk about your life and make great friends.  I still don’t know everyone in the club, but I have found a great group of girls that I run with.  We trained for our last marathon together.  In addition to the club speed workout and long run, we hosted our own Tuesday night runs.  We ran and then made dinner at someone’s house.  It was so much fun!
  6. Great way to stay motivated! If you have people to meet up with or people to inspire you to run, you will be more likely to run!  We also do fun social events outside of running!
  7. You can still run alone! Some of our members will do the runs by themselves but use the water stops.  Or just don’t go to all the runs!  No one is saying you HAVE to go to the run!
  8. Networking. You never know who you will be running with!  Maybe they will help you get your next job or you will help them get their next job!


This is based on my running club.  Some running clubs may have different structures.


My club is pretty cheap.  I forget the exact price, but its about $120 for the year and $60 if you are a student!  So even if you don’t go all the time, thats way cheaper than a gym membership!  I forget where all the money goes, but a lot of it will be for the long run hosts to purchase food.


  • Try them out! If you are interested in a club, email them and see if you can try them out!  I was able to try out track workout and a long run and see if it was a good fit.
  • Talk to someone in the club. Get a feeling for the club.  Are they very competitive?  Are they more social?  Is there a good mixture?  Mine has a good mixture, and I love it that way!  I talked to one club before I joined one, and they said I needed to be faster…that club was clearly more competitive!
  • Be careful to not always run the same pace as others. Everyone’s body is different and everyone has on and off days that won’t necessarily be the same as yours!  Sometimes you might have to break off on your own or someone else will have to break off.  You want to go your pace so you are not under or over training.  If you are lucky, you find someone your pace!  My club asks you what pace you are and introduces you to some people who are in the same range. That way its not so much a guess and you have to go on a wild goose chase to find someone who is your pace.


When I first joined the club.  I was shy and nervous.  I was thinking.  What if I’m too slow.  What if I can’t find someone who runs my pace?  I don’t know if I can talk while running!

DON’T BE AFRAID!! My first track workout I was huffing and puffying and literally chasing the woman I was running with.  I felt like I was going to pass out and/or throw up.  And my first long run was kind of scary for me.  I ran with a woman who was so speedy.  I could not talk or breath.  I kept wanting to turn around, but I made it.  I came home and told Dave, “I don’t know if I can do this!”  It took me a little while to go back to the long runs.  I had found some girls who ran my pace and we run together all the time and I can talk while I run even though I thought I never would be able to!  If I can do it, you can do it too!

Now, I crave those track workouts and long runs.  I think I have gotten pretty pretty good!  Do any of you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm?


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Are you excited about the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm?

I sure am!!!  Larry David can be so annoying, but it is so amusing.

Do you think you might check out a running club?

I think it is a great way to improve your running fitness or even just to meet new people!

Do you have any other questions regarding my experience in a club?

Feel free to comment with them or email me at!


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