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Joggling the Jupiter 5k

Posted Feb 25 2012 11:05am

It has been a while since I’ve done a 5k. In fact, I can’t even remember the last one. Perhaps the Bucktown 5k in 2010 October. I’ve avoided 5ks because they seem to cost so much money relative to the longer races, they are so short and are done rather quickly, and I’d rather do the longer race if that is an option.

However, I like 5ks. This race also gave me a chance to get Shannon to run it too. She has been doing more running lately and did a great job in this race.

This was a smaller 5k race in Jupiter, FL so race day registration was an option. I could have saved $5 if I registered early but that mad things too complicated as I was traveling in the weeks before the race. Anyway, we got to the race 30 min before the start and quickly filled out the sign up form. The system was set up nicely. We made it through quickly and the walked to the start line.

I juggled a bit and someone asked if I knew fellow joggler Barry Goldmeier. Indeed, I did. They were friends with him.

When the horn started we were off. I stood about a half dozen people away from the starting line. Shannon stayed a little further back. The first quarter mile was rather painful. I hadn’t run fast in a while plus my PF was really killing me. Blasted injury!!

When we got onto the gravel hiking trails I felt much better. The thing about PF is that once it warms up, it feels a bit better. I started passing people and my confidence built. There were a number of young kids running the race and I made it a point to catch up to (and pass) anyone who looked under the age of 20. There were a lot!

There were no mile markers on the course and I ignored my watch until about 12:30 into the race. Ignoring your watch can keep you motivated to run fast. That way you can trick yourself as to how much time you still have to run. But I couldn’t ignore it the whole time.

When I saw 12 min I started calculating in my head how much time I had left. I guessed at most 12 min. At best 8 min. It turns out it was 9 min.

While I listened to an episode of Skeptoid, about Emilia Earhart, I saw the finish line. I also started making progress closing the gap between me and the lone 12 year old who had been ahead of me the entire race. I tapped my final energy reserves and sped past him with less than a quarter mile to go. As I passed he said, “wow, that is so cool!!”. I smiled.

There was a small crowd at the end and they cheered louder when they noticed I was joggling. The guy announcing finishers told people to see the juggler as I approached. They cheered loudly.

At the finish line I threw a bean bag up over the banner and successfully caught it on the other side. Made it the entire distance with no drops.

Final time: 21:53. Not my fastest but not bad.


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