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Joggling the Chicago Marathon in 9 Days

Posted Oct 01 2011 5:44am

This is one of my favorite times of the year. Marathon time in Chicago. The weather is getting cooler and is perfect for running. I particularly like when I breath and feel the cold air swirl around my lungs.

Today, I received an email from the Bank of America people giving me my Corral assignment (Corral B right behind the fast runners) and bib number 4527. It’s dumb but I feel a sense of pride when I’m assigned a 4-digit number rather than a 5-digit one. I wonder why that is.

My training this year hasn’t been particularly great so I have no idea what kind of time I’m going to get. As always I would love to set a PR and qualify for the Boston marathon. Unfortunately, that requires me to run 5 minutes faster than my best and there is nothing about my training that suggests that’s possible. But you never know on race day.

If I can’t PR or qualify, I’ll be happy with a sub-3:25 or even sub-3:30. If I miss those numbers, then sub-3:40 will be good. Ah, I’ll just be happy to finish strong.

Since my time goal is sketchy, I’ll focus on my other goal. Joggling a drop-free Chicago marathon. I’ve had drop-free marathons but never the Chicago marathon. This year that changes.

The thing about a drop-free goal however, is that you can’t think about it. If you go into a joggling race vowing not drop, you’ll start to think about your juggling and that could spell doom.

When joggling, don’t think, just throw and catch. That’s what I’m going to do at the Chicago marathon, approximately 46,112 times.

Joggle on.

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