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Joggling Streak Update Day 740

Posted Nov 27 2010 5:59pm

I looked at my workout tracking data for the year and I’m 211 miles away from my stated goal of 1500 miles for the year. Doing some quick math shows that I will need to average over 6 miles of joggling a day to reach that goal. I’m not sure it’s going to happen but it might.

Today’s joggling run was a nice easy 8+ miler. It was sunny but cold with temperatures in the upper 20′s (F). I like running in this weather. It isn’t great for doing fast runs (I’m usually about :30 per mile slower) but for a nice, steady long run, this weather is great.

After gearing up with a long sleeve t-shirt, shorts, nylon sweat pants, a fleece vest, running gloves and a Nike nit cap, I ventured out to the bright city sidewalks. Initially, my chest burned as cold air replaced the warm in my lungs. Years ago, cold air would make me cough. It doesn’t anymore.

I ran down North Avenue staying on the sunny side of the street where it was noticeably warmer. I hadn’t decided on my path but I knew I didn’t want to stay on my typical route. Instead, I went north on Damen and kept running all the way to Webster. This was essentially the reverse of what I might usually run. Running without a specific course in mind is typical.

As I joggled along the sidewalk, a variety of pedestrians lauded me with compliments. “That’s impressive,” said a long-haired brunette who was wearing a dark green knit cap. “You’re awesome!” said a man in a long wool coat who was walking with his family. Then there was a little boy about 3 feet tall who looked at me with surprise, tugged on his brother’s sleeve and exclaimed, “Look! He’s juggling.” The comments kept me warm.

I made my way through the Lincoln Park Zoo where small crowds of families looked at the Sea Lion and Seal tank. A large white spotted animal that resembled a cow glided through the water. I thought about whether the animals noticed the temperature changes like the humans. Probably not. I like the fact that the zoo is open to anyone and you don’t need a ticket. It’s one of my favorite features of the Chicago Lakefront.

The lakefront path was sparsely populated with a few runners here and there. It’s nothing like the hordes of marathoners-in-training that you see in the summer. Winter filters the crowds down to the hardcore runners. Usually, they are much faster than me.

I turned at the North Avenue bridge and made my way back home. Although I had been running for over half an hour, I didn’t notice my thirst or any tiredness. I was lost in the book I had been listening to. It is a classic from the 1950′s called Lolita. The topic is rather disturbing but the writing is superb. I wish I could write like that.

When I finished my run I felt elated. The adrenaline & endorphins running through my veins and the sun shining warmly on my face filled me with a joy that reminds me why I love joggling and while I keep doing it for as long as possible.

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