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Joggling Streak Day 1181

Posted Feb 12 2012 10:06am

As I laid in bed this morning, I thought of the sharp pain that I would experience the moment my feet hit the floor and I stood up. Plantar Fasciitis is like that. It even had me contemplating halting the streak. Afterall, I’ve gone the 1001 days that I originally planned. Now I have no plan at all. 

But I think of Andy Swan. His joggling streak is about 245 days ahead of mine. I gotta catch up so I can’t stop now. He also told me he developed PF and was able to run through it. If he can do it, so can I.

Anyway, when I got out of bed this morning my feet actually didn’t hurt much. Perhaps the PF is really getting better.

A quick look at my phone weather app let me know that the bright sunny day was hiding a bitter coldness. It was 16F. Brrrr. So, I put on my UnderArmour (an excellent product) and three layers of clothes. I doubled up on my gloves and hat but not on my socks. I never give much thought about keeping my feet warm.

I strung my an ear bud into my left ear and put the other one down the front of my shirt. I like to listen while joggling but leave one ear open so I’m not completely deaf to the sounds of the city. Today’s media…An audiobook, The Great Gatsby. I’ve read it before however, that was over 20 years ago and I recall liking it a lot.

The cold air hit me right away turning my cheeks and nose red. But the sun warmed me up and I made every effort to joggle on the sunny side of the street. I heard about West Egg parties, jazz and details of the mysterious Gatsby. An excellent book as I remember.

Two miles after I started, I finished at my usual stopping spot, right next to the Walgreens. They were closed so I had to walk to the gas station on the corner to get my Diet Dr. Pepper soda reward. This was ok because it gave me more time to listen to a book.

Cold weather doesn’t bother me because I love joggling and I especially love joggling when listening to a good book.

Joggle on

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