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Joggling Report – 5K Race for the Cure 2011 Chicago

Posted Sep 25 2011 5:44am

Today was the Race for the Cure 5K .  I stayed out a bit too late last night so I was super tired this morning.  I had to do race day registration (not recommended) which meant taking the el downtown at 6 am.  With travel and completing the registration process, I was ready to race by 6:45 am.  Unfortunately, the 5K didn’t start until 8:30 am.  Ugh.

But being early to a race is certainly better than being late to one.  I walked around the various booths, took some of the free food, did a little juggling, and generally wasted time until the race started.

With no intentions of racing hard, I lined up in the back and turned on my latest audio book (Sister Carrie).  You could tell there were a lot of first timers or non-runners at the race.  It was nice though.  Non-runners are always very supportive of joggling.  There cheers I received made me smile.  It’s always one of the best things about joggling.

The first mile was fairly slow.  Exactly what you would expect if you are starting in the back and doing a race with a lot of non-regular runners.  As a joggler these races can give you an extra challenge; maneuvering around other runners.  I was weaving in and out of traffic and just having  a blast.  When I got past the first clock the time read 12:30.  However, I think the clock was keeping track of the 10K runners who went off a few minutes before the 5 K race.

In mile 2, it started to drizzle.  Since the air was relatively warm I didn’t mind the rain.  The only downside was that I was wearing light running jacket and two shirts so I started to get hot and drenched.  This is not a good combination for running a race.  One note to all you would-be jogglers out there.  Start with less clothes than you think you need.  Beginning a race colder is better than getting too hot during the race.

Mile 3 was my fastest.  The crowd thinned out pretty well and I didn’t have to spend time navigating around other runners.  I could feel a lot of extra energy in my legs so I pressed harder.  As I came up to the finish I through a bean bag over the finish line banner, listened to the gasps of the crowd and devoured their applause when I caught it on the other side.  I love that trick!  Especially when it works.

My final time was a modest 24:46.  This is certainly the slowest 5K I’ve done in a long time.  I have to say, a 5K really seems short to me now, maybe too short.  I guess that’s good considering two weeks from now I’ll be doing 26.2 miles.

Overall, it was a fun race and very well organized.  I appreciated all the booths and support staff that made the race an enjoyable event.  They announced that the race had generated over $1.2 million for research so it sounds like it was a success.

I’m happy the folks at Catch it Early suggested I do the race.  You can see in the race photo that I was wearing the shirt they sent me.

Great job guys!  Joggle on.


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