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Joggling Around Thailand

Posted Sep 07 2012 8:56am

This week I’m traveling to Thailand so I’ll have to figure out how to ensure that I get my runs in every day. I would never want traveling to be the reason that I missed a day of the streak. Although, yesterday’s was quite a challenge. Here’s how it went.

Sept 5, 2012
My flight was at 12:30pm which meant that I had to leave my place by 10:30 to ensure that I get there on time. I take public transportation which is about a 40 minute ride and then you never know how much security will be an issue.

So, I got up early and went for a quick joggling run around my neighborhood. It was raining a little if I remember correctly and I forgot my watch. Still, did 2 miles in just around 15 minutes. Felt pretty good.

I had a diet coke, a 100 Grand Bar, after the run then got my bags and left on my trip.

The plane took off at 1:50 pm (one hour delay) and we were off. I watched 4 movies and listened to about 10 podcasts while on the plane. The movies were all pretty good but I especially liked this one called Safety Not Guaranteed about a guy who creates a time machine.

After 13+ hours, we landed in Seoul Korea and I had to quickly hop on another plane that was leaving 30 minutes later. I made it and was in the air for another 5 hours. The local time was 6PM and I started to get worried about whether I would get to the hotel in time to joggle before midnight. Fortunately, there was a 2 hour time difference.

2 more movies later, we landed in Bangkok and the local time was 9:15 pm. But immigration took an hour and I didn’t leave the airport until 10:15 pm.

September 6, 2012

This was cutting it close.

Rather than chance public transportation (since I didn’t know where I was going) I hopped in a cab and got to the hotel. After checking in, the time was 11:15 pm. That gave me just enough time to go joggling.

It was drizzling outside and I had no idea where I was going. I randomly ran to one of the busiest streets I could find and started joggling along the sidewalk. The sidewalk was made of uneven bricks so joggling was hard. The heat and humidity made breathing tough but I was happy to be joggling.

Admittedly, I was pretty tired. I didn’t really sleep on the plane and was exhausted. But the joggling streak must live on and live on it did. I finished just over 2 miles in about 18 minutes.

When I got back to my hotel room, I answered a few emails, watched some foreign TV. It’s pretty tough to go right to sleep after you’ve been joggling.

But eventually I went to bed, streak still alive.

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