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Joe Salter’s Philadelphia Marathon Joggling Experience

Posted Nov 30 2009 10:00pm

While I’m a bit slower with the write-up, fellow joggler Joe Salter putJoggling Phillytogether notes from his experience joggling this year’s Philadelphia Marathon.  I’ll have my version done in a couple days. Great work Joe!

Joggler: Joe Salter, 29 years old, 3rd Marathon Completed
Distance: 26.2 miles
Finish Time: 3:31 (PR)
Drops: 5
Shoes: Vibram Five Fingers KSO’s
Patterns Joggled: 15

Philadelphia Marathon Crowds
This marathon was fantastic for crowd support. The positive reactions from the crowd and the energy joggling brings to the crowds is one of the best aspects of joggling in a marathon.

Marthoning in VFF’s (barefoot shoes)
The Vibram Five Finger KSO’s minimalist/barefoot “shoes” worked very well barefoot shoes this race. My legs felt great, and I had no pain during or after the race other than what would be expected from running 26.2 miles. I really got into a nice groove with my joggling, and felt like I was “in the zone” a few times. I plan to continue training and joggling in my VFF KSO’s since I’ve had so much success with them as far as running technique improvement, injury prevention, and leg/foot strengthening.

Joggling Patterns
15 total patterns done during the race. I did a lot of half-showers, 423 siteswaps, high balls, 3b flashes, overheads, takeouts, and windmill’s.

I dropped mainly when trying different patterns or looking at someone in the crowd too long.

Race Strategy/Goal
3:30-3:45 goal time. Go for an even split. Experiment with different patterns during the race. Cut back a little on energy gel consumption, consumed like 3 during race. Have fun.

Marathon Housing
I stayed at a Hostel for a fraction of the price of a hotel room while in Philadelphia. I met many other marathoners from around the world at the hostel; of all ages, motivation, and experience in running. This camaraderie was a lot of fun, and it was so much fun sharing a dorm room filled with other people running the marathon. I definitely recommend hostels in big cities for marathons in you want to: save money, have a kitchen, have more cross cultural social interaction, and have plenty of fun things to do offered by the hostel.

Marathon Lessons

Things I Learned and Enjoyed before and during the race
Meeting other Jogglers at the race, sharing the joy of joggling with Perry and philadelphia jogglers Barry.

  • Crowds love Jogglers! Go juggle/joggle before the race and hardly anyone will notice or comment, but joggle in a marathon and the crowds will go wild!
  • Supporting and cheering on other marathoners after you finish is rewarding.
  • I find joy in seeing the excitement on people’s faces when joggling- I relish the feeling it brings others and the amazement it brings more than any attention or pride I feel.
  • Joggling long distances has a good potential to get you into the “zone” or “flow.”
  • Humorous dialogue about juggling or joggling with other runners is a lot of fun during a marathon- be sharp and use timing, and let the spontaneity of the moment bring levity to the other runners.
  • Error on the side of under eating the morning of the marathon; error on the side of under training before your marathon so you’re well-rested and injury-free on race day.
  • I am deeply touched by the moments of excitement joggling brings to people. The expressions on people’s faces and the moments of joy are priceless. Joggling is great by itself; but it’s even better when done graciously and humbly in the presence of race crowds.
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