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Jet Setting… Week 2

Posted Apr 01 2011 12:58am

Welp. I am jet setting again this weekend!  But this time to Nashville for KMW’s bach party. YEAHHHHH!


I’ve learned my lesson with early morning flights, so I have a mid afternoon flight… which will allow me to 1) sleep in a lil, 2) possibly workout and 3) pack in the morning.  KMW and I have already talked on the phone about 5 times tonight about what we’re going to wear down there.  Guarantee we both pack approx 10 “outfits,” when we really only need 2, plus Sunday traveling clothes (ie Illini hoodies and leggings). We are awesome.  The good news is, we both have some new and awesome Frye boots that will go with EVERYTHING.  Plus, they will assist us in line dancing… which we plan on doin’.

This week at work has been ridiculouslly slow, so I think that is why I’ve been having such great workouts… or maybe it’s because I’ve been a bum for the past 2 weeks that ANY workout feels great.  Tonight I ran 1.75 miles (short on time before class!) then went to Cardio Core Ball class, as planned. It rocked.

Cardio Core Ball is a serious calorie blaster!

Then, as usual, did abs, planks, pushups and hip work.  All followed with a good foam rolling session. No lifting though – I was too hungry to spend another 45 min there! If I have enough time in the AM, I’ll go lift… oh who am I kidding?   I won’t go lift!  I may run outside, if it isn’t snowing! Buuuuuuut I probably won’t do that either (ha), so I’ll be sure to pack my running clothes so I can get in a run on the Nashville strip this weekend! In typical “Liz the Tourist” fashion, I will take tons of pics during the run!

On my walk home from the gym I always see this lil guy parked randomly… but tonight I had to take a pic. It looked exceptionally funny this evening!  I may just be giddy because I’m pumped for the weekend :)

Smart Caaaaar! Beep Beep!

Since I don’t have to work tomorrow, I’ve been a huge bum after getting home from the gym.  I orederd 2 sushi rolls from my fave place, Shine , and had a glass wine. Yay!

I only bought this bc the label made me giggle

As usual, I already miss my lil Matthew Cat (even though he’s curled up next to me), so I will leave you with this pic…

He's ready for running season!

Last thought of the day… I’m kinda sad the the Bronx Zoo Cobra has been found. I will miss his tweets!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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