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January Recap and February Goals

Posted Feb 01 2012 10:18am

source: Welcome February! I’m another month closer to my first race of the year !  I can’t believe I’ll be running half marathon number 3 on March 4th.  It’s so soon and I’m so excited. I actually had a dream that I finished it in my exact goal time (projected by RunnersWorld Smart Coach) and didn’t feel tired at all – and I kept staring at my watch, surprised to see a big 13.1 in distance.  I’m sure that won’t actually be the case on race day but I hope it’s a sign of good things to come.

Let’s talk goals.

January Goals:

  • Half marathon training – cover the miles on the training plan.  Only run 3x a week to try to minimize injury risk and give myself time to meet cross training goals. Done. I missed two runs for my sore Achilles but I didn’t skip any runs without good reason.
  • Keep doing weekday runs during lunch or in the morning. Done. Lunch running is my new favorite thing. I didn’t do a single evening run in January.
  • Swim at least once a week until lessons start.  Up to 2x a week once lessons are underway. Done. I actually swam more than I planned for the month.
  • Yoga at least once a week. Fail. I missed two yoga classes for my sore Achilles and then I skipped last night because I was really overwhelmed with work and just couldn’t make myself go. Only two yoga classes in January gives me lots of room for improvement in February.
  • Try to get some stationary biking in while at the gym. Technically done. I biked at the gym once. But I bought a bike , so that should count for something, right?
  • Do at least a few minutes of abs/core work 5 days a week. Fail. Total and complete fail. I know I need to do this and yet I just don’t.
  • Continue working in little bits of strength training where possible. Kind of. If by where possible, I mean a handful of times, then yes. I need to improve here too.

January Plans//Actuals:
Planned Miles: 63 //Miles Ran: 53
Yoga Classes Planned: 5//Yoga Classes Attended 2
Swims Planned: 6//Swims: 8
Bikes Planned: Vague//Bike Rides: 1

Purple = Planned. Gold = Actual. Click for full size.

February Goals:

  • Keep  following the half marathon training plan. I love this plan. It is really similar to the plan I followed in the fall but it’s not overwhelming me this time.
  • Keep up the lunch running. There are a few five milers on the schedule to plan my work schedule around, but I love lunch running. I’m getting sad thinking of the summer when it will be too hot for it.
  • Swim twice a week including lessons.  Swimming is getting so much easier and I’m really loving it.
  • Buy the thing I need to ride a bike. I have a bike but don’t own a helmet, a lock, bike shorts… basically anything other than a bike.
  • Get a few bike rides in at the gym . More than 1.
  • Get to 3 yoga classes. I know I’m missing the Tuesday night class on Valentine’s Day, so I’m going to aim a little lower this month.
  • Do core work twice a week. Not overshooting again on this one.

Let's do this!

Before I know it, February will be done and I’ll be days away from race day! How was your January? Did you reach your goals?

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