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Janathon Day 28, 29, 30 & 31

Posted Jan 31 2012 4:34pm
Oops I've been a bit slack on my Janathon blogging, but as today is the last day of Janathon I think it is an absolute must to make sure I blog today. So here is a round up of the last few days Janathoning and my triumphant(ish) conclusion to my first ever athon.

Janathon Day 28

No running today because I was feeling a bit sore after my run with Zac and Rachel the night before. Instead Zac and I waited for RP to finish work and we all went for a walk over in the woods.

And we treated ourselves to a quick drink in the pub in Liverton.

In all we probably walked about 3 miles which is a pretty reasonable sedate Janathon effort I think!

Janathon Day 29

Today was a cold and bleak day but did that stop our little family from getting some exercise in for Janathon. Of course it didn't! We backed up a bag, got ourselves wrapped up warm and headed up to the moor for the afternoon. We live about a 10 minute drive from the moor and we're pretty bad for not making the most of it so we decided it was time to change this and also it would mean Zac could have a really good few hours running round off his lead sniffing stuff and getting dirty!

We got up there and parked up and it was a bit overcast but not raining and I said wouldn't it be cool if it snowed and we laughed and started our walk. Zac had his new high viz coat on to keep him warm and it also meant we could see him when he ran off.

One of the Dartmoor traditions that is really good fun it letterboxing. People will hide waterproof boxes on the moor with a log book and a stamp inside. The idea is if you find one you use the stamp in the box to stamp your personal log book and you use your personal stamp to stamp the box's log book. We don't have our own stamp yet so we just sign the log books with the date we found the box and our names and a little message. Zac was great at getting his nose into all the hiding places and finding the boxes. In total we found 8 boxes!

At one point when RP and I weren't paying attention Zac ran off and decided to amuse himself by chasing a flock of sheep! Cue a huge panic on our part with images of a farmer with a shotgun. Thankfully Zac has no interest in actually hurting livestock he just can't help chasing things that run so when the sheep stopped he came back. We made sure to keep a really close eye on him from then on and put his lead on when we were near any groups of animals again.

By this time the visibility was starting to get low and can you believe it... it started snowing!

Luckily we were walking near Haytor and we knew as long as we kept the Tor in sight then we wouldn't get lost. When the snow started to come down quite hard we thought it would be best to head up the Tor and then start walking back to the car with the road in sight. It's so easy to get yourself lost up there because the weather can change very quickly and all the scenery looks exactly the same.

We climbed up the Tor and Zac proved to be a pretty impressive mountain climber!

By this time the snow was proper coming down so we hot footed it back to the car, got Zac dried off and headed home for a well deserved cup of tea. I'm not sure how far we went but we were out for about 3 hours and all of us were shattered when we got home!

Janathon Day 30

Ok so my 30th day effort is pretty lame but my excuse is I was tired and it was raining cats and dogs. I took Zac for his usual walk and instead of going straight home I added another loop on to make it a 3 mile walk rather than 2. I was absolutely drenched by the time I got in and my plan to go to the gym got pushed to the side in favour of cuddling up on the sofa under a blanket!

Janathon Day 31 - The Conclusion!

I knew for the last day of Janathon that I wanted to end on a high and this meant I wanted to end it with a run. It has gotten seriously cold here over the last couple of days and the thought of running round town really didn't fill me any enthusiasm so I thought I would go to the gym and try and beat my 7.5 mile treadmill run from last week.

I got on the treadmill that I knew did 'Marathon Mode' which meant it wouldn't cut out after an hour. I set it to my steady comfortable pace and off I went. Immediately my brain starts trying to plan when we are going to have a break. I'm hoping to make it to 1.5 hours so I initially decide to have a break at 45 mins at the halfway point. I cover the timer with my towel so I'm not constantly clock watching but then I make the mistake of looking at the clock on the wall so I then find myself constantly checking that clock instead!

I get to 30 mins and I'm feeling pretty good so I decide that I won't have a break until I hit the hour mark and then after that it will be less than 30 mins till the finish and I can do that easy. I've got my ipod playing some pretty good dancey tunes which is making me feel all motivated and I decide that today I won't skip through the songs I will listen to them all and I will have a break after my current favourite running song Levels by Avicii comes on.

This song immediately gets me feeling amazing when running, it's really uplifting and when I'm struggling with the mental pressure of running this track pushes all that to the side and I feel like I'm flying.

I get to the hour and the Avicii track still hasn't come on so I take stock of the situation, my breathing is fine, my knees feel a little sore but not painful, just a little tired. I realise that my body is still up for running, it's just my brain wanting me to stop, so I tell my brain to bugger off and I keep going!

I get to 1 hour and 20 mins and I am feeling it a bit now but I tell myself I'm only feeling it because I know it's only ten more minutes till my stop time so I push harder and tell myself how amazing I will feel when I make it and then some Dizzee Rascal comes on and I'm sailing to the 1 hour 30 min mark.

When I hit it I'm over the moon, I've beat my previous time, but the Avicii song hasn't come on and it feels like I would be cheating my own rules if I don't stick to the plan which was to stop after the Avicii song so.... I keep going! Ahhh! I realise that if I keep to the pace I'm doing I will be able to hit 10 miles in the next 30 mins which will be the furthest I have ever run in one go and therefore also the longest. I think of all the amazing athletes and Janathoners out there and I realise that none of them got to where they are by copping out from a challenge and not pushing themselves so I make a decision. I will run 10 miles today and I will do it well!

By this time I can't help but watch the numbers ticking by. I've worked out in my head that I need to do 16.1km to guarantee that I hit the 10 mile mark and as it gets closer I get more and more excited. 15.6, 15.7, 15.8, 15.9, 16.0, 16.1! For a moment I forget where I am and that whilst I can't hear myself over my music everyone else can and I'm pretty sure they all heard my loud "Fucking yes!" as I hit my mark. But I'm not embarrassed I set myself a challenge and I beat it. I was elated!

There was only another few minutes until I would hit 2 hours so I decided to keep going until then and I even managed a sprint finish for the final 30 seconds. I smacked the cool down button and let out a massive sigh of relief. I had a grin from ear to ear and everyone around me must have thought I was crazy. My legs felt like jelly so I was a good girl and did the 5 minute cool down and then went and did loads of stretches.

This picture makes it look like I did 17km in 25 mins but it was actually 125 mins it's just the display won't show 3 numbers at the beginning.

As it was pay day today (whoop!) RP and I had promised ourselves a takeaway so before heading home I hit up takeaway alley and look what I came away with!

Somehow I don't think I will be losing any weight this week! Oops!

So that's it, Janathon is over. I've not been the best Janathoner and I have no idea how the guys at the top of the leader board have managed it. To run everyday is hard, to even exercise everyday is hard, however I have pushed myself harder this month than I ever have before and I have seen the benefit. When we got back from holiday I wasn't confident that I could run a 5K without having to walk and tonight I ran over 10 miles without stopping, I owe it all to Janathon and all the amazing Janathoners who have commented on here, offered support on Twitter and filled their own blogs with their tales of glory! So thanks guys have a virtual drink on me!

Janathon Final Stats

Miles: 73.47
Time: 14hr 09m 02s
Calories: 9695 (so close to 10,000)

The leader board currently has me placed at no 54 out of 155, I'm sure there are still a few people that need to log today's miles yet but still I'm pretty impressed with this. I'm looking forward now to continuing my aim to run 500 miles this year and now have my sights firmly set on Silverstone and I have the confidence that I will complete it and it will be great!

Well done to all my fellow Janathoners and in particular Mr auswomble who has clocked up and incredible 455 miles this month and has held the top spot on the leader board for as long as I can remember! Well played Sir!
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