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Janathon Day 11 - Having a plan and Sticking to it.

Posted Jan 11 2012 1:20pm
Wednesday is the day I finish early from work so I came home with the plan to update mine and RP's iPods with a new workout playlist as we've been listening to our current one since about July last year. It appears that a certain furry young man has been making the most of having the computer all to himself in the day because it had obviously all been trampled over and had a pretty scary blue screen showing (my own fault really for leaving it out in the first place) so after a frustrating 30 mins I swore at it a couple of times and decided to take the culprit out for his walkies.

When we got back RP was cooking his dinner and decided that he was going to have a night off from the gym and instead go for a run later with Zaccy. As there is no way I can eat before running I ummed and I ahhed, I decided to have a night off and then I remembered that it is Janathon (take 2) and that my Half Marathon plan said I only had to do 2 miles and that was nothing really so I got changed and put my trainers on. I had one more attempt at sorting the computer out, gave up and hit the pavement (metaphorically of course).
Shiny Half Marathon Training Plan
I managed to make a 2 mile loop around the industrial estate by first going round the dual carriageway, then round the housing estate and then around by the shop. Running the same bit of pavement 3 times goes against all my running principles but there just aren't enough street lit areas out here in the sticks and I wasn't up for being mugged or getting run over so I just got on with it, whilst of course having a mental moan the whole time.

So I did 2.12 miles and I did them pretty quick (for me anyway). An average pace of 9:52 min/miles whoop whoop!

Garmin Stats

Distance: 2.12 miles
Time: 00hr 20m 58s
Average Pace: 9:52 min/mile
Calories: 277

Route Map

Janathon Totals

Distance: 20.05 miles
Time: 03hr 43m 37s
Calories: 2537
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