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Itchy feet and favorite travel blogs

Posted Sep 18 2012 9:42am
So... in case you missed the memo , I'm sidelined from running. Again.

The past six weeks have been an oddly stationary period in my life.
I haven't been running or flying.
My right calf is recalcitrant.
Not flying makes "travel Tuesday" posts a little more difficult to write, and not running makes maintaining a running blog a particularly interesting challenge!

Fortunately (or unfortunately?) I found a new pool for pool running.
(More on that later...)

And fortunately (or unfortunately?) I'm nearing the end of almost six weeks on the ground before a whirlwind of autumn travel begins that will keep me in the air or on the road every other week - sometimes every week - from now until the end of the year.

My upcoming travel is a very good thing. I have a serious case of itchy feet - and not just because of PF  and my cranky calf.
Noun: itchy feet - a very strong or irresistible  impulse to travel; wanderlust
Give me a backpack and an e-ticket, and I'm a happy girl. (Yes, I carry a backpack even for work trips.) So this "travel Tuesday" I'm happy to say that I'll be traveling again soon.

Indeed I'll be traveling enough that I'll want - and need - a rest when the winter is over. I'm looking forward to being travel-weary three months from now the way I look forward to the being exhausted and taking a good long nap after a hard race.

But that doesn't start 'til tomorrow...

In the meantime, here are a few of the travel-ish blogs I've relied on for a fix while I've been resting.
  • Travel Spot is one of my go-to blogs. I particularly enjoyed the recent " signs " post, especially "beware of alligators" and "things found in tires."
  • I See Trails is my way of enjoying hikes up majestic mountains when I can't get away from flat (*cough*) Florida.
  • (Just) Trying is for Little Girls is a favorite of mine. You're probably thinking "this isn't a travel blog!" But hear me out on this: Kim is racing her way through 13.1s in all 50 states. For the past few weeks I've been living vicariously through her miles (both running and frequent flier).
  • I found Mo Travels through Running Trip . I found Running Trip when I was looking for places to run in Barcelona a year ago. I enjoy both.

Do you follow any travel blogs?
Feel free to leave recommendations - including a plug for your own blog if you are a travel writer - in the comments!

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