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Posted Jul 20 2010 9:26pm
I love running off road, on trails, or even off trails. Sort of like "Boldly going where no man has gone before." Well, where I was Sunday, no man should have gone. These creatures, which viewed in this enlarged state, look like something you might find in a sci-fi movie. This is a picture of a chigger enlarges 1,500 times it's actual size. Were they large enough, I would steer clear. But in their microscopic state, they grab onto my hairy legs and climb up to a good picnic spot and begin their feeding frenzy. They plunge their long pinchers into the skin and inject saliva which is acidic and dissolves the flesh. Then they suck the puree and enjoy. I have always thought they burrow into the skin, but actually, they are brushed off or washed off. But the damage is done and the wounds itch and fester and are hell for days and days. This is my left ankle. My ankles, tops of my feet, and calves are covered. There are bites spread out over my thighs, buttocks, belly, and arm pits. Itch itch itch. I scratch until they bleed. I spray HOT water on the bites while in the shower. I want to take a wire brush and just go to heaven! Note to self--> Stay out of the D#*%@!!*#!! tall weeds!!!!
Chiggers do not thrive in temperatures below 60 degrees, and will die at temperatures under 42 degrees. I knew I loved winter!
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