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It's the Little Things

Posted Mar 30 2013 2:00am

Milton Joseph and Ginger Grace 

Born 13 months apart and could be twins! 

They are best friends. The day I brought Ginger home from the hospital Milton was just 13 months old, he had just taken his first steps and lets just say that transition was HARD. Now, I watch them play and how much they love each other and laugh at each other and know that was the best thing I ever could have done for them.

Growing up before my very eyes!!!!
ALL PHOTOS C/O Robert Muller Photography

These Photos were taken a couple weeks before Valentine's Day.

My husband has a lovely musician friend named Robert Muller who is a professional photographer. 

He knew we were having financial difficulties and offered to take these portraits of the kids for free. 

My husband had every intention of surprising me with them. He was going to have a few prints framed for Valentine's Day but we never had the money.

So about a week after Tosh was born he finally came to me and told me that he had had the portraits done but couldn't afford to get them printed! 

It made me cry. 

It's the little things in life, you know?
It really is the thought that counts. I can't begin to explain to you the warmth my heart felt. More than any monetary gift, a necklace, some shoes, a new jacket, whatever, this was one f the best gifts I've ever been given complete or not.

One day I will order a few when the time is right but I wanted to share these with you because they are precious!

I miss my husband terribly. 
I've said it here before lately that having babies is hard on a relationship. It also strengthens a relationship immensely. I think from a man;s point of view it must be amazing to watch your partner go through that kind of pain and have the kind of strength it takes to be a mother. But after all that the first few weeks until it all gets straightened out can be really rough. 

My husband has been sleeping in the guest room since I was 8 months pregnant. I had horrible insomnia and he snores. You do the math. Now that the baby is here, he is co-sleeping with me so again the husband is still in the other room but I'm ready to have hi back. I'm ready got it to be me me and him not me and them. 
I just want to do normal things once and a while like have a hug or watch an episode together on netflix and laugh. 
I'm not asking for much.

The bare minimum would suffice! 

The baby has been sleeping approximately 7 minuets I better hurry up and get back in there before we have a screamer on our hands. Good Night friends! 

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