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It's Friday. Good Friday.

Posted Mar 29 2013 1:04pm

Thank You God for this beautiful boy. I need him today!!!

Happy Good Friday! 
It will be a busy weekend!

My husband plays on the Worship Team at Church every Sunday but this Easter Sunday will special because his Brass Band will also be playing both services. 
I'm going to stay home with Tosh as honestly I have only bathrobes, pajamas and old, ripped maternity clothes to wear so my mom is going to take the kids to church and for the egg hunt.

But I do have a treasure hunt to create and baskets to prepare.

I'm sad today.

I was finally starting to feel like myself again a little bit and then my husband got the news that his flexible schedule won't work at the job of our primary income. Because he has so many part time jobs (5 to be exact) his schedules have to fit together "just so" to make it all work. 
Well turns out our primary income isn't going to be coming in anymore because schedule no longer fits

I guess sad doesn't really begin to explain it.

Last night I felt like maybe I'd just lie down and never get up. I feel like giving up, throwing in the towel.

I know in my darkest hours I need to look to God for help but it usually takes a few days of me fighting and wallowing before I'm able to hand it over.
It's A LOT to hand over. I know there is nothing God can't handle but I wrestle with that. I struggle to think that we were barely even making it before this happened. All our bills 2 months behind, disconnect notices galore.  How can it be possible to make it now?
We will finally loose our home? I can't help but go there.

Well, I'm going to try my absolute hardest to let it go and turn it over this weekend. I need to. My poor heart can't bare much more ache! 
It's nearly broken. 

I hope you all have a wonderful blessed weekend and I will see you Monday with a Happy Easter Post! 

Be Well! God Bless! 
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