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It's freaking science dude.

Posted Oct 04 2012 1:26pm

We have survived the first three days back in the gym.  How quickly the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness, I refer to it as an old friend… for it is) returns when you haven’t been lifting heavy (or anything) in over a month. 
Now that race season is over,  I’m back to intense training and focusing on next season, so it’s time to start properly fueling my body again.  Dunkin Donuts and I have become good friends again over the last few months of traveling and racing, and it’s time to bid that relationship adieu.  Time to get back to fueling and refueling the machine that is my body with wholesome, REAL foods.  Which can be a pain at times, since I'm all about convenience. I really dislike cooking and preparing meals, and I'm a sucker for snacks.

One of the really cool perks of this job (the blogging one) is that I often get emails asking me to sample new products.  However, a lot of those products are food - race fuel, snacks, recovery, etc.   I turn A LOT of food product reviews because I’m just too darn picky.  It's such a pain (even more so for my poor parents when I was growing up). I despise peanut butter and most nuts…which seem to be the basis of athlete fueling.  I'm constantly bombarded with protein powders and bars loaded with that gross peanut butter ...and typically tons of chemicals.    But recently, I was contacted by a new company – “ Picky Bars ”…how appropriate.   I looked at the website, and was intrigued.  I told them sure, send the samples on over.

  Picky bars are the creation of three picky athletes who need to eat.  Lauren Fleshman (2x USA 5k champ,  5x  NCAA champ, & master chef), Steph Rothstein (sub 2:30 marathon runner with celiac disease) and Jesse Thomas (elite triathlete and gluten intolerant) , the creators, owners, and operators of Picky Bars wanted to make an easy to grab , champion worthy snack that fit with their picky (due to elite athlete status and medical issues) appetites. 


According to them:  The all natural, gluten free, vegan, Picky Bars are made with a balanced macro nutrients ratio – 4:1 Carbs to Protein.  According to Lauren: "I wanted a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio, slow releasing carbs for level blood sugar, minimal soy content, and healthy fats making up 25% of the calories"  .The 200 calorie bars have 7g fat, 28g carbohydrate, 7g protein, and 2-3g of soluble fiber, all derived from a selection of all natural ingredients (like organic dates, organic almonds, cranberries, chocolate, and more !)   No artificial ingredients or sweeteners, chemical free. They are a perfect before workout fuel or post workout recovery snack.

According to me:  I was a little hesitant.  Like I said, I'm picky (ha!).  And when a bar looks like this:
Picky Bar - you have passed the ultimate picky "bar" connoisseur test. I 'm going to go even further than simply saying "I'd recommend them to anyone".  Nope, instead I'll just say ...I think I love you.

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