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It is important if you are over-weight

Posted by BrentS

I see a lot of fit people running and biking, but always am concerned when i see someone overweight running or biking. there is a LOT more stress on body parts with the extra weight. don't get me wrong, i LOVE to see people getting more fit, but you (and I!) do need to be careful when doing high impact physical activities if you are 20+ lbs overweight. - shoes. clearly, the right running shoes are important. get advise from a pro. and it's not just for your feet. the right shoes will promote a better running style that can also reduce stress on other joints and body parts. - don't push it. no your limits. the extra lbs are NOT going to come off over night. it will take time, but well worth it in the long run. work up to your comfort level both with pace and distance. do NOT bite off more than you should chew. strike that, bad analogy for those of us trying to loose weight :-) - VERY important. Get yourself a heart rate monitor. you NEED to be in the right aerobic zone for weight loss if you are going to do yourself any good. there are several zones you can be in - endurance training, anaerobic, etc. make sure you research the correct heart rate zone and monitor your physical activities to keep in that optimal zone.
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